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Baryons in AdS/QCD

Hong, DK (Pusan National University)
Tuesday 21 August 2007, 16:50-17:30

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We construct a holographic model for baryons in the context of AdS/QCD and study the spin-1/2 and spi-3/2 nucleon spectra and its couplings to mesons, taking fully account of the effects from the chiral symmetry breaking. A pair of 5D spinors is introduced to represent both left and right chiralities. Our model contains two adjustable parameters, the infrared cutoff and the Yukawa coupling of bulk spinors to bulk scalars, corresponding to the order parameter of chiral symmetry. Taking the lowest-lying nucleon mass as an input, we calculate the mass spectrum of excited nucleons and the nucleon couplings to pions. The excited nucleons show a parity-doubling pattern with smaller pion-nucleon couplings.


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