Accepted Posters

Name Title Abstract
CP Arun The Thermodynamics of Soft Matter in Compression and Tensio Abstract
D Bolser The most important protein superfamilies as reveiled by graph theoretic analysis of the protein structural interactome Abstract
J Doye Inhibition of protein crystallization by evolutionary negative design Abstract
J Dzubiella Reduction of the hydrophobic attraction between charged solutes in water Abstract
P Faisca Native state geometry and the kinetics of protein folding Abstract
J Fernandez-Recio Prediction of protein-protein interaction: Docking simulations as a tool to understand molecular recognition Abstract
J Gordon Mapping subunit interactions in RNase MRP Abstract
S Hart Role of charges on cytochrome from the cyanobacterium phormidium laminosum in its interaction with plastocyanin Abstract
RJ Hawkins Coarse-grained models of entropic allostery Abstract
B Hong Folding intermediate in the equilibrium unfolding of ketosteroid isomerase by cysteine modification Abstract
M Jang Prediction of protein-protein interaction within mitochondrial proteome Abstract
C Kuttler Biological cooperativity as communication: modelling the lambda switch in the pi calculus Abstract
M Lund Protein aggregation due to multivalent icons Abstract
RE Palmer Immobilisation of proteins by size-selected nanoclusters on surface Abstract
B Ridley Electron transfer interaction between cytochrome f and plastocyanin: Dependence on viscosity and macromolecular crowding Abstract
H Shanahan Identifying DNA binding proteins using structural motifs and the electrostatic potential Abstract
D Simpson The Cambridge University reserach exchange Abstract
Z Stoytcheva Elucidation of the selenocysteine incorporation complex in eukaryotes Abstract

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