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Workshop Programme

for period 21-23 June

Protein Interactions in Vitro and in Vivo

21-23 June


Monday 21 June
Session: Protein-Protein Interactions in Vitro and in Vivo
13:30-14:30 Dobson, CM (Cambridge) SMC
  Protein interactions in the context of folding, misfolding \& aggregation Sem 1
14:30-15:30 Fink, AL (California) SMC
  Factors affecting the aggregation of the natively unfolded protein alpha-synuclein Sem 1
16:00-17:00 Minton, AP (NIH) SMC
  Mesoscopic models for the effect of macromolecular crowding, macromolecular confinement \& surface adsorption upon protein assoc. Sem 1
Tuesday 22 June
09:00-10:00 Thornton, JM (European Bioinformatics Inst.) SMC
  Protein-protein interactions from a structural perspective Sem 1
10:00-11:00 Deem, MW (Rice) SMC
  Random energy models for interactions and dynamics in the immune response to viruses, vaccines, and cancer Sem 1
11:30-12:30 Teichmann, SA (Cambridge) SMC
  Domain interactions in multi-domain proteins Sem 1
14:00-15:00 Janin, J (CNRS) SMC
  A structural basis for the specificity of protein-protein recognition Sem 1
16:00-17:00 Truskett, TM (Texas, Austin) SMC
  Towards a simple coarse-grained strategy for modelling unfolding, phase separation, and aggregation in protein solutions Sem 1
Wednesday 23 June
09:00-10:00 Harden, JL (Johns Hopkins) SMC
  Sequence patterning in simple de novo proteins with tailored association behavior Sem 1
10:00-11:00 Vekilov, PG (Houston) SMC
  Phase transitions in protein solutions Sem 1
11:15-12:15 Pearl, L (Institute of Cancer Research) SMC
  Achieving specificity in regulated protein-protein interactions Sem 1
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