An Isaac Newton Institute Satellite Workshop

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Mathematical Virology

14 - 17 June 2004

Organisers: P Maini (Oxford), T McLeish (Leeds), P Stockley (Leeds) and R Twarock (London).

Supported by the London Mathematical Society, EPSRCand the Isaac Newton Institute

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cellular Biological Systems

Speakers and Programme

Theme of Workshop:

The focus of the workshop is on theory and experiment for vital stages of the viral life cycle. Particular emphasis is placed on the structure and assembly of viral capsids, i.e. shells formed from proteins that protect the viral genome, as well as the packaging of the viral genome inside these capsids. Mathematical models in this area are of strong current interest because they constitute important milestones for a better understanding of viral replication mechanisms and hence ultimately for the design of anti-viral therapeutics.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together mathematicians, biophysicists and biologists in an interdisciplinary workshop. Besides talks and poster presentations, the workshop will schedule discussion groups open to all participants, which will streamline the synergies between the different approaches and help to identify new avenues for future research. We expect that with this structure the meeting will provide new insight and inspiration for experts and newcomers in the field alike, and will strongly encourage research in this timely and topical area of Mathematical Biology.

Plenary Speakers:

B. Berger (MIT), Ch. Brooks (Scripps, La Jolla), R. Bruinsma (UCLA), P. Carloni (SISSA, Trieste), R. Hendrix (Pittsburgh), J. Hogle (Harvard, Leeds), R. Kerner (Paris), J. King (MIT), D. Marenduzzo (Oxford), A. Maritan (SISSA, Trieste), D. Nelson (Harvard), A. Steven (NIH, Washington), P. Stockley (Leeds), D. Stuart (Oxford), M. Thorpe (Arizona), R. Twarock (London), D. Wales (Cambridge), A. Zlotnick (Oklahoma)

Contributed Talks and Poster Session:

We are planning to provide participants with the opportunity to present a talk or a poster (A3 size) on a topic related to the theme of the workshop. If you are interested in this option, please send us an email with proposed title and abstract by 22nd May 2004.


University of Oxford, Centre for Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Institute, 24-29 St Giles, Oxford, OX1 3LB.


Due to the fact that June is high tourist season in Oxford, most accommodation is comparatively expensive. Participants are therefore advised to book early. We have been able to achieve special rates for participants of the workshop at Westwood Hotel (£50 + VAT per person per night in a single room including breakfast). For more information on the hotel, see here. If you are interested in this option, please send an email to us. Unfortunately, spaces are limited and we are booking them on a first come first served basis, so please contact us early in order to avoid disappointment. Alternatively, you can also book your accommodation individually e.g. at one of the guest houses and hotels listed at the City of Oxford Tourism website.


In order to register for the workshop, please send us an email. Registered participants will receive further information on the programme of the workshop by email at the beginning of June. The registration fee will be £45 (£30 for research students) to cover coffee breaks and lunchtime buffets paid in cash upon arrival.

To contact the Organising Committee, please send an email.