An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop

Theoretical and Experimental Understanding of Processive Molecular Motors

Tuesday 23 March - Wednesday 24 March 2004

Organisers: Justin E Molloy (National Institute for Medical Research), Thomas AJ Duke (Cambridge University), Robert A Cross (Marie Curie Research Institute), Thomas CB McLeish (Leeds University).

Supported by Hewlett-Packard in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cellular Biological Systems


Theme of Conference:

This Two-Day Discussion Meeting addresses our current understanding of the molecular mechanisms of processive motors. The aim is to catalyse a dialogue between experimentalists and theorists interested in this fast-moving scientific area.

Processive molecular motors are critical for a wide variety of life functions and recent advances in experimental techniques and theoretical approaches have contributed greatly to our understanding of their molecular mechanism; e.g. experimental observations and theory on the stepping mechanism of myosin V and conventional kinesin. We now need to define new, experimentally testable, models and ideas for how processive motors "walk" along their cellular tracks.

Structure of the meeting

23 March 2004

    10:00 Arrival & Coffee
    10:30 First scientific session - Theories of Processive Motors
    Chair: Rob Cross
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Second scientific session - Experimental Findings
    Chair: Tom Duke
    15:30 Tea
    16:00 Discussion Sessions - breakout groups (theorist & experimentalist mixed)
    17:30 Reports from breakout sessions
    18:00 Wine Reception
    19:00 Dinner
    20:00 Discussion

24 March 2004

    09:00 Third scientific session - Cellular mechanisms
    Chair: Justin Molloy
    10:30 Coffee
    11:00 Breakout groups (theory & experimental mixed)
    12:00 Reports from breakout groups
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Self-Assembled Sessions - Detailed discussion of experiment - theory development
    Chair: Tom McLeish
    15:30 Tea & Departure

Further Information:


There is no registration fee but if you intend to come to the meeting please complete and return the online registration form, you will need to add the following code when completing the form (SMCW06). Please ensure you submit the form in advance of the meeting.


There will be no lunch provided on Tuesday 23 March, you will need to make your own arrangements. However, there will be a sandwich lunch available at the Newton Institute on Wednesday 24 March, for which you may be asked to pay a nominal fee.


All Institute accommodation has now been allocated. A list of local Guest Houses is available here.

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