An Isaac Newton Institute Focus Day

Thinking about Evolution in Physics and Biology

Wednesday 2 June 2004

in association with the Newton Institute programme entitled Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cellular Biological Systems

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During the programme the role of evolution has been questioned many times - how does it affect the way we do protein physics? Think about signalling networks? Predict constraints on biomolecular systems by some sort of restricted optimisation? Create models for an evolutionary landscape? The issue of convergent and divergent views of evolution underlie much of this.

People who have agreed to "say something" to provide input for the day's discussion include:

Dennis Bray
simulated evolution of a signal pathway
Simon Conway Morris
well - he just wrote this book . . .
Simon Laughlin
optimisation of retinal coding
Tom McLeish
fast and slow variables and how long things should be
Wilson Poon

Rather than ascribe fixed times to talks, we propose starting at 9.30 am with the top of this list, thinking that people towards the top might talk for the best part of an hour, towards the bottom rather less.

Discussions, though informal, will be chaired to provide a focus and guide the agenda.

Ideas very welcome on content and structure at this stage!

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There is no registration fee but if you intend to come to the meeting please complete and return the online registration form, you will need to add the following code when completing the form (SMCW07). Please ensure you submit the form no later than 24 May 2004.


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