Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Symplectic Geometry

1 July - 31 December 1994

Organisers: S Donaldson (Oxford), D McDuff (Stony Brook), D Salamon (Warwick), C Thomas (Cambridge)

Programme theme

Surfaces known as symplectic manifolds arise in many branches of pure and applied mathematics, for example they provide the natural framework in which to discuss classical mechanics. There has been dramatic progress in recent years in understanding their properties drawing on results from many disciplines, including differential geometry and topology, global analysis and the theory of partial differential equations. The programme will bring together mathematicians from all these fields together with theoretical physicists with the aim of further developing the theory for example by exploiting the parallelism between Yang-Mills theory in four dimensions (which was originally constructed by physicists the strong nuclear force between elementary particles) and symplectic geometry in spaces of arbitrary even dimension.


The following are expected to participate in the programme for all or part of the periods indicated:

Scalia-Tomba (Stockholm) Scalia-Tomba (Stockholm) Arnold (Moscow) Kronheimer (Oxford) Audin (Strasbourg) Lu (Arizona) Bates (Berkeley) MacKay (Warwick) Baily (Tel Aviv) McDuff (Stony Brook) Braam (Oxford) Oh (Wisconsin) Donaldson (Oxford) Ono (Bonn/Toyko) Eells (Cambridge) Pansu (Paris) Eliashberg (Stanford) Parker (Michigan State) Geiges (Cambridge) Polterovich (Tel Aviv) Ginzburg (Stanford) Rabinowitz (Wisconsin) Giroux (Lyon) Salamon (Warwick) Givental (Berkeley) Thomas (Cambridge) Gompf (Texas) Traynor (Stanford) Gonzalo (Madrid) Van (Bonn) Hofer (Zurich) Weinstein (Berkeley) Kirwan (Oxford) Wolfson (Michigan State) Kotschik (Basel) Xu (UC Davis)


There will be a regular seminar programme throughout the period. As well as a short topical meetings, there will be the following workshops and conferences:

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