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Presland, A (Department of Communities and Local Government)
Tuesday 26 March 2013, 09:15-09.55

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


Homelessness is often considered to apply only to people who are 'sleeping rough'. Most of DCLG's homelessness statistics relate, however, to the statutorily homeless, i.e. those households which meet specific criteria of priority need set out in legislation, and to whom a homelessness duty has been accepted by a local authority. Such households are rarely homeless in the literal sense of being without a roof over their heads, but are more likely to be threatened with the loss of their current accommodation. DCLG envisages that the mathematicians will try to identify any key mathematical relationships in the policy area of statutory homelessness, although there may be some scope for exploring the related areas of rough sleeping and the 'hidden homeless' (people who are typically staying with family or friends), for which the data sources are more limited, particularly for the latter category.

An additional spreadsheet of detailed Statutory Homelessness statistics can be found in the ZIP download. It covers the 1 October to 31 December quarter of 2012 and gives the available figures for all 326 English local authorities with responsibility for housing. The first worksheet is a blank version of the relevant statistical return (the P1E) to hopefully make it clearer what the figures in the other worksheets relate to. Some guidance on the figures is also available at, including from the detailed guidance notes that can be downloaded from near the bottom of the web-page.


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