Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Topological Dynamics in the Physical and Biological Sciences

16 July - 21 December 2012

Organisers: Konrad Bajer (Warsaw), Tom Kephart (Vanderbilt), Yoshi Kimura (Nagoya), Keith Moffatt (Cambridge) and Andrzej Stasiak (Lausanne)

Scientific Advisory Committee: Jason Cantarella (Georgia), Andrew Gilbert (Exeter), Raymond Goldstein (Cambridge), Boris Khesin (Toronto), Shigeo Kida (Kyoto), Mikhail Monastyrski (Moscow), Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick), Wilma Olsen (Rutgers), Renzo Ricca (Milan), De Witt Sumners (Florida State), Lynn Zechiedrich (Houston, USA)

Programme Theme

The programme is intended to stimulate interaction between applied mathematicians, biologists and physicists who frequently encounter dynamical problems that have some explicit or implicit topological content. We use the term 'topological' to convey the idea of structures, e.g. knots, links or braids in 3D, that exhibit some measure of invariance under continuous deformation. Dynamical evolution is then subject to the topological constraints that express this invariance. A basic common problem is to determine minimum energy structures (and routes towards these structures) permitted by such constraints; and to explore mechanisms, e.g.diffusive, by which such constraints may be broken.

When formulated in terms of the mathematical objects and issues, the current view of the common topological denominator is summarised below. We expect to add to this list during the Programme.