Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences


January - June 1999

Organisers: GF Hewitt (Imperial College), PA Monkewitz (Lausanne), N Sandham (QMW), JC Vassilicos (Cambridge)

An outline schedule for the Mathematics of Closure small workshop,

primarily for participants in the INI Turbulence programme

April 19th-30th 1999

Updated 29/04/99

Monday 19th April

9:30 Introduction to the Workshop

9:35-10:30 Tom Gatski: Explicit Tensor Representations of Algebraic Turbulent Correlation Equations

11:00-12:00 Martin Oberlack: Constraints for turbulence modelling from invariant transformations

2:00-3:00 Mike Reeks: Closure Approximations for Turbulent Dispersed Flows

Tuesday 20th April

9:30-10:30 Paul Durbin: Bifurcation of equilibria in second-moment closure

11:00-12:00 Remy Manceau Analysis and validation of elliptic relaxation

2:00-3:00 Tony Perry: Closure for the streamwise evolution of turbulent boundary layers using classical similarity laws and structure based modelling

3:00-4:30 Discussion on wall modelling (~ 10 minute contributions from Mike Gibson, Alan Gould, Paul Durbin, + ...)

Wednesday 21st April

VOTMATA test-case workshop (organisers: Alan Gould, Mike Leschziner) This is a review of a UK project to assess the performance of turbulence models in aerospace applications.

10:00 Alan Gould: Introduction

10:30 David Apsley: Separated boundary-layer flow

11:30 R Hassan: Shockwave boundary-layer interaction

12:30 Lunch

1:30 Mike Leschziner: Discussion Forum

3:30 Close

Thursday 22nd April

9:30-10:30 Kemo Hanjalic: Expanding the frontiers of single-point RANS application: some recent experience at TU Delft (Transition, multi-scales and VLES)

11:00-12:00 Bill Jones: Sub-grid Modelling for Large-Eddy Simulation

Friday 23rd April

9:00 - . MOVA test-case workshop (organiser: Kemo Hanjalic) A European project on vehicle aerodynamics.

Monday 26th April


Tuesday 27th April

9:30-10:30 Mark Savill: Turbulence modelling - closure issues for practical applications

11:00-12:00 Julian Hunt: Framework for critiquing and applying turbulence models

Wednesday 28th April

9:30-10:30 Jim Brasseur SGS closure methodology for near-wall high-Re turbulence

11:00-12:00 Claude Cambon: Two short talks: Structure-based modelling and explicit spectral modelling and Wave effects in turbulence modelling

2:00-3:00 Yukio Kaneda Spectral closure approach - (non)-universality of the equilibrium range of turbulence in 2D/3D

Thursday 29th April

9:30-10:30 Anne Bourlioux: Closure for flamelet models in turbulent combustion

11:00-12:00 Dimitris Drikakis: Statistical and coherent structures modelling in the context of unsteady flows

Friday 30th April

11:00-12:00 Brian Spalding: Multi-fluid model of trubulence: an alternative to the Monte-Carlo PDF-transport model

Free for small group discussions. Some long-term participants may be approached to contribute to an industry briefing session in the afternoon.

The programme is flexible, especially with respect to discussion sessions - please let me know if you would like to show something at the sessions identified or if you want to propose other topics. There is room towards the end of the second week for more talks and discussion sessions as and when interesting topics arise.

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