Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Advances in the Mathematics of Water Waves (Spitalfields Day)

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Organisers: Mark Groves (Loughborough, Saarland)

in association with the Isaac Newton Institute programme Theory of Water Waves
(14 July - 8 August 2014)

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As part of the programme “Theory of Water Waves” the Isaac Newton Institute will be holding a Spitalfields Day on 23 July 2014. This special event consists of four lectures surveying the state of the art in selected areas of the rigorous mathematical theory of water waves. The lectures will be accessible to a general mathematical audience, including graduate students.


Invited speakers will include:

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Financial Support

There are limited funds available to assist in the travel cost of research students. If you require support towards travel please advise an estimated amount in the space provided on the online Registration form.

Venue Information

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