Singularity Theory

Seminars given outside the Institute

Gaffney, TJ
Simultaneous control of multiple status
Leeds University

Gaffney, TJ
Equisingularity of Equidimensional spaces: First stop
Paris VII

Gaffney, TJ
Equisingularity of Equidimensional spaces: First stop

1 Aug 2000 Damon, J
Nonlinear sections of complete intersections
NATO Adv. Sty. Inst. Isaac Newton Institute

15 Aug 2000 Tyurina, SD
Kontsevials integral for tozic knots
Isaac Newton Institute

16 Aug 2000 Matveev, V
Singularities of Metrics with the same geodesics
Isaac Newton Institute

31 Aug 2000 Sedykh, V
On vertices of a submanifold in Euclidean space
Isaac Newton Institute

21 Sep 2000 Sedykh, V
Generalization of the /beta-Haupt formula
Mathematical Institute Warwick University

21 Sep 2000 Bogaevski, I
Mather's theory for Lagrange mappings
Mathematical Institute University of Warwick

22 Sep 2000 Zhitomirskii, M
Modern areas re differential 1-forms curves
Plymouth University

26 Sep 2000 Matveev, V
Singularities of the Liouville foliations
Isaac Newton Institute

27 Sep 2000 Kazarian, M
Thom polynomials of Lagrange singularities
Isaac Newton Institute

27 Sep 2000 Nekhoroshevm, N
Strong stability in nonlinear wave equation where the fundamental linear mode

28 Sep 2000 Dubrovin, B
Dispersive shock waves, variational principles and Lainleve eqs.
Mathematics Kings College, London

28 Sep 2000 Anisov, S
On Matveev compexity of some 3-manifolds

29 Sep 2000 Sedykh, V
Some invariants of admissible homotopies of space curves

29 Sep 2000 Matveev, V
Global theory of Geodesically equivalent metrics
Applied Mathematics University of Leeds

6 Oct 2000 Polyak, M
Configuration spaces and degrees of maps
Mathematics University of Liverpool

10 Oct 2000 Nekhoroshevm, N
Strong stability in nonlinear wave equation wear the fundamental linear mode
Mathematics University of Warwick

12 Oct 2000 Davydov, A
Singularities of relative minima and their applications
Analysis Seminar Imperial College, London

12 Oct 2000 Hertling, C
Frobmians manifolds and singularities
Mathematics University of Hull

31 Oct 2000 Shapiro, M
Hurwitz numbers and Hodge integral 1

3 Nov 2000 Shapiro, M
Hurwitz numbers and Hodge integral II

13 Nov 2000 Rees, EG
Gelfard map and symmetric products
Mathematics Institute Oxford University

13 Nov 2000 Nikulin, VV
Lorentzian infinite-dimensional Lie algebras
University of Liverpool

15 Nov 2000 Vassiliev, VA
Homology of spaces of knots in any dimensions
Royal Society

17 Nov 2000 Damon, J
Higher algebraic and geometry multiplicities for Nonisolated singularities
Mathematics University of Liverpool

27 Nov 2000 Damon, J
Scale-based geometry for problems in computer imaging
Monday Seminar Isaac Newton Institute

28 Nov 2000 Nikulin, VV
About classification of Lorentzian Kac-Maady algebras of the vauk 3

1 Dec 2000 Damon, J
Scale-based geometry for non differentiable functions, measures and distributions
University of Liverpool

1 Dec 2000 Izumiya, S
Singularities of hyperbolic gauss maps
Faculty of Mathematical Studies University of Southampton

1 Dec 2000 Buchstaber, VM
Symmetric products and frobenius mapping
Mathematics Loughborough University

3 Dec 2000 Kazarian, M
Characteristic classes of functions singularities
Maths Warwick University

5 Dec 2000 Merkov, A
Vassiliev type invariants of ornaments

6 Dec 2000 Zakalyukin, V
Envelopes of chords
Pure Mathematics University of Liverpool

7 Dec 2000 Davydov, A
Discussion on types of PDE's on the plane
Mathematics Imperial College, London

7 Dec 2000 Wall, CTC
Generic projections in the semi-nice dimensions
Maths University de Rennes 1

11 Dec 2000 Itenberg, I
Combinatorial patchworking of maximal real algebraic varieties
Isaac Newton Institute

11 Dec 2000 Pushkar, P
Relative morse inequalities
Isaac Newton Institute

11 Dec 2000 Nikulin, VV
About dynamics of the automorphics group of a K3 surface
Mathematics University of Nagoya

15 Dec 2000 Iryna, K
Cohen-Macaulay modules over cusp singularities
Isaac Newton Institute

15 Dec 2000 Anisov, S
Upper bounds for compexity of some 3-dimensional manifolds

15 Dec 2000Gaffney, TJ
A guided tour of Equsingularity
Liverpool University

18 Dec 2000 Kazarian, M
On Lagrange degeneracy loci
Maths Liverpool University

21 Dec 2000 Anisov, S
Lower bounds for Matveev complexity
Maths University of Liverpool