Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Stochastic Computation in the Biological Sciences

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP06265 E Thompson 1953: An unrecognised summit in human genetic linkage analysis Fischer lecture: to be written up for Fischer Mem. Chee & publication
IP06266 E Thompson Uncertainty and evidence in likelihoods for genetic linkage Rothschild lecture
IP06267 E Thompson and L Tong Multilocus Lod scores in large pedigrees: a new MCMC approach To be submitted to Human Heredity
IP06268 E Thompson, S Basu and Y Di Tests for linkage detection in pedigrees To be submitted to Genetic Epidemiology
IP06269 F Ball, D Colouhoun and L Sivilotti Identifiability of Markou Models for gating of glycine receptor channels.
IP06270 PJ Green and J Lau Baysian model based clustering procedures Journal of computational and graphical statistics
IP06271 PJ Green and J Mortera Sensitivity of inference in Baysian networks to assumptions about founders
IP06272 PJ Green Coloured Dirichlet processes -a probability model for heterogeneous clustering
IP06280 D Balding Sequence level population simulations Genetics
IP06281 M Beaumont and H Hauppe Population genetics for animal conservation (book title) chapter in multi author book
IP07146 M Niranjan Questioning the precision in transcriptome measurements Bioinformatics
IP07147 A Doucet, C Abdrieu and GO Roberts The expected auxiliary variable method for Monte Carlo simulation
IP07148 A Doucet and R Holenstein Particle Markov chain Monte Carlo