Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equations

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP06201 M Shubin, T Kappeler and P Perry Solutions of mKdV in classes of functions unbounded at infinity
IP06202 R Hempel, O Post and R Weder On open scattering channels
IP06203 M Hoffmann-Ostenhof, T Hoffmann-Ostenhof and A Laptev Many particle Hardy inequalities
IP06215 A Pushnitski The spectral flow, the Fredholm index and the spectral shift function
IP06216 A Pushnitski and G Rozenblum The Eigenvalue asymptotics for the Landau Hamiltonian in exterior domains
IP06228 B Helffer Strong diamagnetism for general domains and applications arXiv Math-ph/0607071
IP06229 B Helffer and T Hoffmann-Ostenhof Nodal domains and spectral minimal partitions
IP06230 T Hoffmann-Ostenhof and T Osteergaard Positivity and lower bounds to the decay of the one-electron density
IP06231 T Hoffmann-Osterhof, M Hoffmann-Osterhof and A Lapler Many particle Hardy inequalities