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Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP08001 R Schrock,G Farr Some results on generalised Ashkin-Teller models and Tutte-Whitney polynomials
IP08002 R Schrock, J Salas Chromatic polynomials on the simple cubic lattice
IP08003 R Schrock,SC Chang Exact results for the q-state Potts model on self-dual families of graphs
IP08004 J Salas, R Kotecky, A Sokal Phase transition in the 3-state Potts antiferromagnet on the diced lattics
IP08005 J Salas,A Sokal Transfer matrices and partition-function zeros for antiferromagnet Potts model. V. Further results for the square-lattice chromatic polynomial
IP08043 S Noble, G Farr The complexity of the general edge elimination polynomial
IP08072 X Viennot Alternating tableaux, permutations and partially asymmetric exclusion process
IP08073 X Viennot MacMahon Master theorem, Jacobi, Bass and Wit identities under the same roof with heaps of pieces
IP08077 R Behrend The volume of the Birkhoff polytope
IP08078 R Behrend,V Knight Symmetry classes of magic squares and alternating sigh matrices
IP08086 J Sellers,O Rodseth,H Tverberg Enumeration of the degree sequences of nonseparable graphs and connected graphs
IP08087 J Sellers,O Rodseth Congruences modulo high powers of 2 for Sloane's box stacking function
IP08088 J Sellers A different look at Albrecht and White's path counting in grids
IP08089 T Guttmann,J Dethridge Prudent self-avoiding walks
IP08095 C Thomassen,P Cameron Spanning trees and orientations of graphs
IP08096 J Jacobsen,P Fendley Critical points in coupled Potts models and critical phases in coupled loop models
IP08104 S Miracle-Sole, K Alexander,F Dunlop Layering and wetting transitions for an SOS interface
IP08105 S Miracle-Sole,K Alexander,F Dunlop Layering transitions in the semi-infinite Ising model
IP08109 M Neiman,J Kahn A strong log-concavity property for measures on Boolean algebras
IP08110 M Neiman,J Kahn Conditional negative association for competing urns
IP08111 A Procacci,R Fernandez,R Bissacot Proenca Cluster expansion revisited for the gas of subsets
IP08112 A Procacci,A Abdesselam,B Scoppola N-point truncated correlations for lambda-phi theory
IP08113 A Procacci,B Jackson,A Sokal Multivariate Tutte polynomial with positive weights
IP08117 D Galvin A sharp threshold phenomenon for random independent sets in the discrete hypercube
IP08118 S Chaiken,C Kamusa,T Zaslavsky A f-queens problem
IP08119 S Chaiken Ported Tutte fuctions of extensors orientated matriods
IP08120 PJ Cameron,D Johansenn,T Prellberg Counting defective parking functions
IP08121 PJ Cameron,T Gateva-Ivanova Multipermutation solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
IP08122 PJ Cameron,J Araujo,PM Neumann Synchronising and separating permutation groups
IP08123 WG Faris A connected graph indentity and convergence of cluster expansion
IP08124 WG Faris Combinatorics and cluster expansions
IP08125 M Ciucu,C Krattenthaler Interaction of a hole in a Dimer system with free boundary
IP08126 M Ciucu,D Wilson Monomer interaction in non-bipartite lattices
IP08127 M Ciucu Monomers on the square lattice
IP08128 G Haggard,D Pearce,G Royle Computing Tutte polynomials
IP08131 F Dong,D Wagner,G Royle Chromatic roots of ring graphs
IP08132 F Dong Some inequality of chromatic polynomials
IP08138 G Gordon,P Cameron Root systems and matroids
IP08139 G Gordon,E McMahon Hypercube derangements
IP08141 S Noble,B Jackson,D Wagner An inequality for Tutte polynomials
IP08142 S Noble,G Royle,A Goodall Results on the bicycle space of a graph
IP08144 A Abdesselam, A Procacci,B Scoppola Uniform clustering bounds for continuous spin systems
IP08145 E McMahon,G Gordon Derangements of the facets of the n-cube
Ip08146 E McMahon Matroid automorphisms of the 120-cell
IP08157 J Borcea,P Branden The Lee-Yang and Polya-Schur programmes I
IP08158 J Borcea,P Branden The Lee-Yang and Polya-Schur programmes II
IP08172 J Ellis-Monaghan,L Beaudin,G Pangborn A little statistical mechanics for the graph theorist
IP08173 J Ellis-Monaghan,C Merino Graph polynomials and their applications I: the Tutte polynomial
IP08174 J Ellis-Monaghan,C Merino Graph polynomials and their applications II: interrelations and interpretations
IP08175 K Kulesza The upper bound on number of graphs, with fixed number of vertices, that vertices can be coloured with n colours
IP08176 K Kulesza,M Stanczyk Industrial mathematics: the way they do applicable mathematics in UK
IP08177 K Kulesza,K Piwarska Fly me: financial mathematics and low-cost airlines
IP08187 M Cuicu Interaction of holes in Dimer coverings of general bipartite planar lattices