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Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP07286 D Gusfield A simple proof that 2-level phylogenetic networks can be constructed in polynomial time, in the ARG model of phylogenetic networks
IP07304 A Rodrigo Alternatives to phylogenetic diversity: on a new measure, and why being greedy is good
IP07324 B Holland,V Moulton,K Huber Using supernetworks to distinguish hybridisation rfom lineage sorting
IP07332 E Mossel,S Roch Incomplete lineage sorting: consistent phylogeneny estimation from multiple loci
IP07340 JH Kim,M Sanderson Penalised likelihood phylogenetic inference
IP07341 JH Kim, E Allman,J Rhodes Geometry of phylogenetic mixtures
IP07342 M Bordewich,O Gascuel,KT Huber Consistency of topological moves based on the balanced minimum principle of phylogenetic inference
IP07355 P Lemey,V Moulton,M Lott Recombination detection in human and primate immunodeficiency virus genomes using a quartet scanning approach
IP07362 A Rodrigo,M Steel Maximum likelihood supertrees
IP07363 B Faller,F Pardi,M Steel Distribution of phylogenetic diversity under random extinction
IP07364 E Mossel,S Roch,M Steel Shrinikage effect in ancestral maximum likelihood
IP07365 E Mossel,M Steel,L Szekely Inverting random function (IV): testing, teasing and reconstruction with applications in phylogenetics
IP07368 C Howe,A Barbrook,R Nisbet The origin of plastids
IP07369 K Huber,A Dress,J Koolen Block realizations of finite metrics and the tight-span construction I: the embedding theorem
IP07370 K Huber,J Byrka,S Kelk Worst-case optimal approximation algorithm for maximising triplet consistency within phylogenetic networks
IP07371 K Huber,M Bordewich,O Gascuel Consistency of topological moves based on the balanced evolution principle of phylogenetic inference
IP07374 J Koolen,A Dress,K Huber Optimal realisations of generic 5-point metrics
IP07375 J Koolen,K Huber,V Moulton The tight span of a totally split decomposable metric
IP07378 R Rupp,D Huson Phylogenetic networks
IP07380 P Lockhart,C Howe,D Morrison Phylogeny from sequences
IP07381 P Lockhart,B Holland,S Bentham Using supernetworks to distinguish hybridization from lineage-sorting
IP07382 S Willson Reconstruction of certain phylogenetic networks from the genomes at their leaves
IP07383 S Willson Restrictions on meaningful phylogenetic networks
IP07389 D Huson,T Kloepper,R Rupp How to draw phylogenetic networks
IP07390 D Huson,R Rupp Computing optimal cluster networks
IP07391 K St John,D Gusfield Untangling tanglegrams
IP07392 T Warnow,E Allman Identifiability of phylogenetic networks
IP07393 A Dress,V Moulton,K Huber Compatible decompositions and block realisations of finite metrics
IP07396 E Allman,M Holder,J Rhodes Statistical models from apomorphic characters
IP07397 E Allman,J Rhodes The identifiability of covarion models in phylogenetics
IP07398 E Allman,C Ane,J Rhodes Point of view: phylogenetic models and identifiability
IP07399 E Allman,C Matias,J Rhodes Identifability of models with hidden variables
IP07400 C Semple,S Linz Hybridisation in non-binary trees
IP07401 C Semple,S Grunewald,K Huber Characterising weakly compatible and circular split systems in terms of weighted quartet sets
IP07402 J Koolen,A Dress,K Huber A note on metric cut points and bridges
IP08019 S Whelan Spatial and temporal heterogeneity in nucleotide sequence evolution
IP08057 S Grunewald,K Huber,V Moulton Quartet maps induced by weighted weakly compatible split systems
IP08058 S Grunewald,Y Ding,P Humphries Bounding the size of agreement forests
IP08059 S Grunewald,V Moulton Maximum parsimony for tree mixtures