Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Discrete Integrable Systems

Papers Produced or in Preparation

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP09007 R Yamilov and D Levi On a nonlinear integrable difference equation on the square 3D-inconsistent J Phys
IP09008 R Yamilov and D Levi The generalised symmetry method for discrete equations J Phys
IP09061 JAG Roberts and GRW Quispel Poisson structures for difference equations, including integrable maps
IP09062 JAG Roberts and J Pettigrew Characterising singular curves in parametrised families of biquadratics II
IP09063 JAG Roberts, C-M Viallet and F Vivaldi The dynamics of reversible rational maps over finite fields
IP09064 DJ Zhang and J Hietarinta Multisoliton solutions to the lattice Boussinesq equation
IP09071 R Quispel, S Lobb and F Nijhoff Lagrangian multiform structure for the lattice KP system
IP09072 A Tongas, VG Papageorgiou and YB Suris On quadrilateral Yang-Baxter maps
IP09073 P Xenitidis and VG Papageorgiou Symmetries and integrability of discrete equations defined on a black-white lattice
IP09074 A Veselov, V Papageorgiou and Y Suris On quadrirational Yang-Baxter maps
IP09077 F Nijhoff, J Atkinson and J Hietarinta Soliton solutions for ABS lattice equations: I Cauchy matrix approach Journal of Physics
IP09078 F Nijhoff and S Lobb Lagrangian multiforms and multidimensional consistency
IP09079 F Nijhoff, S Lobb and GRW Quispel Lagrangian multiform structure for the lattuce KP system
IP09080 S Ruijsenaars and J Nimmo Tzitzeica solitons versus relativistic Calogero-Moser three-body clusters Journal of Mathematical Physics
IP09081 J Atkinson Linear quadrilateral lattice equations and multidimensional consistency Journal of Physics
IP09082 M Noumi, Y Komori and J Shiraishi Kernel functions for difference operators of Ruijsenaars type and their applications SIGMA 5 (2009)
IP09083 R Korhonen, RG Halburd and K Tohge Holomorphic curves with shift-invariant hyperplane preimages
IP09084 R Korhonen Difference Picard theorem for meromorphic functions of several variables
IP09085 R Korhonen and RG Halburd Non-decreasing functions, exceptional sets and generalised Borel lemmas
IP09090 A Hone On non-standard numerical integration methods for biological oscillators Complex Systems Simulation and Modelling, Luniver Press
IP09091 A Hone On the Niemark-Sacker bifurcation in a discrete predator-prey system Journal of Biological Dynamics
IP09092 A Hone and M Senthivelan Note on the Poisson structure of the damped oscillator Journal of Mathematical Physics
IP09093 A Hone Analytic solutions and integrability for bilinear recurrences of order six
IP09094 A Hone and M Petrere Three-dimensional discrete systems of Hirota-Kimura type and deformed Lie-Poisson algebras Journal of Geometric Mechanics
IP09095 A Hone, H Lundmark and J Szmigielski Explicit multipeakon solutions of Novikov's cubically ninlinear integrable Camassa-Holm-type equation Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations
IP09097 A Hone and MV Irle On the non-integrability of the Popowicz peakon system AIMS Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications