Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Design of Experiments

Papers Produced or in Preparation

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP08180 H Dette Optimal design for multivariate sline models
IP08190 M Patan and K Patan Selection of training sequences for locally recurrent neural network IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
IP08191 M Patan, B Bogacka and Y Kuresh Optimum designs for enzyme inhibition kinetic models Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
IP08192 M Latif Robustness considerations in selecting efficient two-colour microarray designs
IP08193 S Gilmour and LA Trinca Optimal design criteria for statistical inference TBA (perhaps Technometrics)
IP08194 S Gilmour Randomised-not-reset factors do not lead to inadvertant split-plotting: it's much worse than that
IP08195 LA Trinca Bayesian optimal exact designs of experiments for nonlinear models
IP08196 P Van de Ven and D Woods Optimal designs for generalised estimating equations
IP08197 S Leonov, V Fedorov and V Vanliev Optimal design for stochastic PK models J Pharmocokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
IP08198 S Leonov and V Fedorov Optimal model-based design of experiments
IP08199 C Brien and RA Bailey Decomposition tables for experiments I: A chain of randomisations Annals of Statistics
IP08200 C Brien and RA Bailey Decomposition tables for experiments II: Two-one randomisers
IP08201 PW Tsai and S Gilmour A general criterion for factorial designs under model uncertainty
IP08202 PW Tsai and CS Cheng An approach to the selection of multistraum fractional factorial designs
IP08203 A Dean, D Woods and S Lewis Comparison of screening methods on the presence of interactions
IP08207 B Bogacka, D Ucinski and A Atkinson Adaptive experimental design for optimum dose-finding in phase I clinical trials
IP08209 P Goos and H Grossmann Optimal design of paired comparison studies in the presence of within-pair order affects We would like to publish the work in the preprint series of the INI
IP08210 P Goos Bayesian analysis of data from multi-stratum experiments
IP08211 RA Bailey and CJ Brien Decomposition tables for multi-tiered experiments I. A chain of randomisations Annals of Statistics
IP08212 RA Bailey and CJ Brien Decomposition tables for experiments II. Two-one randomisations Annals of Statistics
IP08213 RA Bailey and PJ Cameron Combinatorics of optimal designs Surveys in Combinatorics, 2009
IP08233 S Leonov An adaptive optimal design for the Emax model and its application in clinical trials Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics
IP08239 H Grossmann and P Goos Order effects in paired comparison experiments
IP08240 H Grossmann, R Schwabe and S Gilmour Design for first-order interactions in paired comparison experiments with binary factors