Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Stochastic Partial Differential Equations (SPDEs)

Papers produced during 2009/10

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP09233 P Kloeden and A Jentzen Taylor expansions for stochastic partial differential equations SIAM CBMS series
IP0950 O Zaboronski, R Tribe and J Yip On the structure of correlation functions for coalescing and annihilating random walks in one dimension
IP0951 O Zabaronski, R Rajesh and R Tribe Non-equilibrium phase transition in deposition-absorption model
IP0952 O Zaboronski, R Rajesh and C Connaughton Phases of deposition=adsorption model
IP10002 F Russo and C Di Girolami Infinite dimensional stochastic calculus via regularisation Preprint HAL: inria 00473947
IP10003 F Russo, S Goutte and N Oudjane Variance optimal hedging for discrete time processes with independent increments: applications of electricity markets Preprint HAL: inria 00473032
IP10004 F Russo and C Di Girolami Clark-Ocone type formulae for non-semimartingales with non trivial finite quadratic variation
IP10005 P Stinga and I Gyongy On Wong-Zakal approximations
IP10006 N Cutland An infinitesimal introduction to DES driven by rough paths
IP10010 G Da Prato and B Goldys Functions of bounded variation in Hilbert spaces
IP10011 B Goldys, Z Brzezniak and T Jegaraj Strong solutions and large deviations for stochastic Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert equation in dimension one
IP10012 B Goldys, Z Brzezniak and T Jegaraj Doss-Sussman method for stochastic Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation
IP10013 B Goldys, Z Brzezniak and T Jegaraj Multidimensional stochastic Burgers equations
IP10018 M Rockner and T Zhang Stochastic 3D tamed Navier Stokes equations: existence, uniqueness and small time large deviation principles
IP10019 M Rockner, L Beznea and A Cornea Potential theory of infinite dimensional Levy processes
IP10020 M Rockner and C Marinelli On uniqueness of mild solutions for dissipative stochastic evolution equations
IP10022 T Wanner, J Desi and H Edrees The dynamics of necleation in stochastic Cahn-Morral systems Submitted to SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems
IP10023 R Dalang, D Khoshnevisan and E Nualart Hitting probabilities for systems of non-linear stochastic heat equations in spatial dimension k>=1
IP10024 R Dalang and A Sanz-Sole Hitting probabilities for systems of stochastic waves
IP10034 S Mohammed and A Zhang Dynamics of stochastic 2D Navier-Stokes equations Journal of Functional Analysis (2010), 3543-3591, pp 48
IP10035 S Mohammed and T Zhang Burgers equation with affine linear noise: dynamics and stability
IP10036 S Mohammed Stochastic differential systems with memory
IP10068 V Barbu A variational approach to stochastic nonlinear problems
IP10069 V Barbu Existence for semi-linear parabolic stochastic equations
IP10080 M Romito and D Blomker Local existence and uniqueness in the largest critical space for a surface growth model
IP10081 M Romito, D Barbato and F Morandin
IP10221 X Zhang and M Rockner Weak uniqueness of Fokker-Planck equations with degenerate and bounded coefficients C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Series 1