Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical and Statistical Approaches to Climate Modelling and Prediction

Papers produced

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP10093 C Buck, K Klauenberg and PG Blackwell Bayesian glaciological modelling to quantify uncertainties in ice core chronologies
IP10094 C Buck, J Annan and M Crucifix Studying uncertainty in palaeoclimate reconstruction: a framework for research
IP10096 H Lambert, CAT Ferro and PM Cox Model expense versus ensemble size
IP10207 Y Zhou, C Leith and J Herring On predictability of climate flows
IP10208 Y Zhou Rotating turbulent flows: a review
IP10217 B Bates, R Chandler and A Bowman Trend estimation and change point detection in climatic series
IP10218 B Bates, R Chandler and P Green Space-time evolution of the rainfall decline in Southwest Western Australia
IP10260 M Semenov Delivering local-scale climate scenarios for impact assessment
IP10273 HA Dijkstra Vegetation pattern formation in a semi-arid climate
IP10275 J Frank and G Gottwald The Langevin Limit of the Nose-Hoover-Langevin thermostat Submitted to Journal of Statistical Physics, not yet accepted
IP10277 P Williams The RAW filter: an improvement to the Robert-Asselin filter in semi-implicit integrations Accepted for publication, to appear in Monthly Weather Review
IP10281 V Livina, C Huntingford and T Lenton TBA
IP10286 AC Parnell, C Buck and T Doan A review of statistical chronology models for high-resolution palaeoclimate reconstruction To be submitted to Quaternary Science Reviews
IP11001 P Challenor, R Tokmakian and A Andrianakis An extreme nonlinear example of the use of emulators with simulators using the Stommel Model Submitted to Ocean Modelling, not yet accepted
IP11005 F Kwasniok Nonlinear stochastic low-order models of atmospheric low-frequency variability using an empirical regime-weighted closure scheme
IP11006 F Kwasniok Analysis and modelling of glacial millennial-scale climate variability using a mixture of linear models
IP11012 T Gneiting and R Ranjan Density forecast combination, calibration, and dispersion
IP11013 C Jones Will climate change mathematics? IMA Journal: Visions of Applied Mathematics
IP11018 R Kleeman Information Theory and Dynamical System Predictability Entropy 2011, 13, 612-649.
IP11089 M Haque A detailed study of the Beddington-DeAngelis predator-prey model Mathematical Biosciences