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Open for Business Events

Open for Business (OfB) events form part of the Institute's mission to foster greater links between academic research and the business world and are organised by the Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM). The TGM is the impact initiative of the INI and acts as a vehicle for knowledge exchange between the mathematical sciences and potential users of mathematics, such as industry and other academic disciplines in the UK as well as internationally.  

Open for Business events aim to bring together academic researchers in the mathematical sciences with industrial, commercial and government organisations and individuals to enable formal and informal discussion and networking. They are organised in conjunction with Research Programme academic organisers and take place within a relevant INI Programme Workshop or as a separate standalone event.

Open for Business events provide opportunities, at senior level, for cross-fertilisation between the business-facing activities and the research focus of the Institute. Events are structured to enable the formation of new relationships on the business-academic interface and to assist in identifying the common challenges that have greatest potential for research, knowledge transfer, public policy and commercial impact.

For more details about Open for Business events please contact info[at][dot]uk


Recent Events

Understanding the mathematics and physics of cell motility and pattern formation

9th December 2015

This workshop aimed to highlight new mathematical and computational problems and potential solutions involved in cell motility, morphogenesis and pattern formation. It brought together scientists working on these timely and challenging topics of mathematical biology, soft matter physics, image process and analysis, cellular biology, analysis and numerics, with other key stakeholders in industry and the public sector.

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Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Regulation: Perspectives from Network Analysis

13th October 2014

Organisers: Rama Cont, Tomohiro Ota and Filip Zikes
Venue: Bank of England, Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8AH

A one-day workshop co-organised with the Bank of England.

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Quantum Control Engineering: Mathematical Solutions for Industry

7th August 2014

This Open for Business half day event was part of an Isaac Newton Institute research programme which brought together leading expertise in the multiple disciplines involved in quantum control engineering. It gave an overview of the mathematical and theoretical framework currently being developed in quantum control as an underpinning discipline of quantum technology.

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