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The Newton Institute has its own Preprint Series where the scientific papers of the Institute are freely available.

If you are a Cambridge author and you are submitting your work in the next REF then you will need to follow the guidelines on the University of Cambridge Open Access webpages to ensure that your work meets Open Access requirements. In addition, if you are supported by EPSRC or another UK Research Council, all publications published on/after 1st May 2015 need a statement describing how to access the underlying research data. For more information on this please see the University of Cambridge Research Data Management website

Newton Institute visitors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to the series. All papers must have been either completed at the Institute or based on work that took place partially or wholly at the Institute. You can still submit material to the preprint series even after your visit has ended as long as it is based on work that you did during your visit. Please send a PDF copy to, which will be added to the lists below.

Bound hard copies of all preprints in the series are displayed in the Institute. We would also be pleased to hear from former visitors who have since completed papers based on research carried out here.

Suggested text for acknowledgements: If you wish to acknowledge the support of the Institute in your paper you may wish to use the following text:

The author(s) would like to thank the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, for support and hospitality during the programme [insert programme name] where work on this paper was undertaken.

Papers published in the Series are listed by date of submission and may be downloaded as PDFs. Individual hard copies can also be obtained on request from the Institute.

Programme Authors Title Attachments
PEP D Prandi; L Rizzi; M Seri A sub-Riemannian Santaló formula with applications to isoperimetric inequalities and Dirichlet spectral gap of hypoelliptic operators ni15049.pdf
PEP KD Cherednichenko Two-scale series expansions for travelling wave packets in one-dimensional periodic media ni15048.pdf
PEP TA Suslina Homogenization of nonstationary Schrödinger type equations with periodic coefficients ni15047.pdf
PEP A Pushnitski; D Yafaev Localization principle for compact Hankel operators ni15046.pdf
CGP S Grosskinsky; D Marahrens; A Stevens A hyrdrodynamic limit for chemotaxis in a given heterogeneous environment ni15045.pdf
PEP Y Karpeshina; Y-R Lee; R Shterenberg; G Stolz Ballistic transport for the Schrödinger operator with limit-periodic or quasi-periodic potential in dimension two ni15044.pdf
PEP T Sunada Exponential Riemann sums and "near" -quasicrystals ni15043.pdf
PEP J Griffin On the phase-space distribution of Bloch eigenmodes for periodic point scatterers ni15042.pdf
PEP M Kha; P Kuchment; A Raich Green's function asymptotics near the internal edges of spectra of periodic elliptic operators: spectral gap interior. ni15041.pdf
PEP J Marklof; B Tóth Invariance principle for the periodic Lorentz gas in the Boltzmann-Grad limit ni15040.pdf
PEP C Sadel Anderson transition at 2 dimensional growth rate on antitrees and spectral theory for operators with one propagating channel ni15039.pdf
RGM B Duplantier; H Ho; B Le; M Zinsmeister Logarithmic coefficients and generalized multifractality of whole-plane SLE ni15038.pdf
PEP V Chulaevsky Complete exponential localization in a discrete multi-particle Anderson model with interaction of infinite range ni15037.pdf
PEP I Kachkovskiy On transport properties of isotropic quasiperiodic $\it XY$ spin chains ni15036.pdf
RGM E Gwynne; X Sun Scaling limits for the critical Fortuin-Kastelyn model on a random planar map II: local estimates and empty reduced word exponent ni15035.pdf
PEP B Helffer Lower bound for the number of critical points of minimal spectral $\it k$-partitions for $\it k$ large. ni15034.pdf
PEP Y Almog; B Helffer; XB Pan Mixed normal-superconducting states in the presence of strong electric currents ni15033.pdf
PEP B Helffer; Y Kordyukov; N Raymond; S Vũ Ngọc Magnetic wells in dimension three ni15032.pdf
PEP H Abdul-Rahman; G Stolz A uniform area law for the entanglement of eigenstates in the disordered XY chain ni15031.pdf
PEP S Jitomirskaya; I Kachkovskiy $\it L$$^2$-Reducibility and localization for quasiperiodic operators ni15030.pdf
RGM L Addario-Berry; B Balle; G Perarnau Diameter and stationary distributions of random $\it r$-out digraphs ni15029.pdf
PEP S Zhang Mixed spectral types for one frequency discrete quasi-periodic Schrödinger operator ni15028.pdf
MLC A Humpert; MP Allen Propagating director bend fluctuations in nematic liquid crystals ni15027.pdf
PEP DM Elton Asymptotics for Erdős-Solojev zero modes in strong fields ni15026.pdf
PEP V Chulaevsky Efficient localization bounds in a continuous N-particle Anderson model with long-range interaction ni15025.pdf
PEP V Chulaevsky Exponential scaling limit of the single-particle Anderson model via adaptive feedback scaling ni15024.pdf
DAE W Li; DKJ Lin A note on foldover of 2$^k$$^-$$^p$ designs with column permutations ni15023.pdf
PEP B Helffer; P Kerdelhué; J Royo-Letelier Chamber's forumla for the graphene and the Hou model with kagome periodicity and applications ni15022.pdf
PEP J Fillman; Y Takahash; W Yessen Mixed spectral regimes for square Fibonacci Hamiltonians ni15021.pdf
PEP B Helffer; A Kachmar From constant to non-degenerately vanishing magnetic fields in superconductivity ni15020.pdf
UMC MR Goddard; D Greig Saccharomyces cerevisiae: a nomadic yeast with no niche? ni15019.pdf
PEP M Levitin; M Seri Accumulation of complex eigenvalues of an indefinite Sturm-Liouville operator with a shifted Coulomb potential ni15018.pdf
RGM L Addario-Berry A probabilistic approach to block sizes in random maps ni15017.pdf
RGM L Addario-Berry; Y Wen Joint convergence of random quadrangulations and their cores ni15016.pdf
PEP YV Fyodorov; BA Khoruzhenko; NJ Simm Fractional Brownian motion with Hurst index H=0 and the Gaussian Unitary Ensemble ni15015.pdf
RGM L Addario-Berry The front location in BBM with decay of mass ni15014.pdf
MFE M Hernandez; T Ma; S Wang Theory of dark energy and dark matter ni15013.pdf
PEP M Lukic; DC Ong Generalized Prüfer variables for perturbations of Jacobi and CMV matrices ni15012.pdf
PEP J Fillman; M Lukic Spectral honogeneity of limit-periodic Schrödinger operators ni15011.pdf
PEP F Cellarosi; J Marklof Quadratic Weyl sums, automorphic functions, and invariance principles ni15010.pdf
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