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The Newton Institute has its own Preprint Series where the scientific papers of the Institute are freely available.

If you are a Cambridge author and you are submitting your work in the next REF then you will need to follow the guidelines on the University of Cambridge Open Access webpages to ensure that your work meets Open Access requirements. In addition, if you are supported by EPSRC or another UK Research Council, all publications published on/after 1st May 2015 need a statement describing how to access the underlying research data. For more information on this please see the University of Cambridge Research Data Management website

Newton Institute visitors are encouraged to submit relevant papers to the INI Preprint series. All papers should have been either completed at the Institute or based on work that took place partially or wholly at the Institute. You can submit material to the preprint series after your visit has ended as long as it is based on work during your visit. Please send a PDF copy to, which will be added to the lists below.

Bound hard copies of all preprints in the series are displayed in the Institute. We would also be pleased to hear from former visitors who have since completed papers based on research carried out here.

Please acknowledge the support of the Institute in your paper using the following text:

The author(s) would like to thank the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge, for support and hospitality during the programme [insert programme name] where work on this paper was undertaken. This work was supported by EPSRC grant no EP/K032208/1.

Papers published in the Series are listed by date of submission and may be downloaded as PDFs. Individual hard copies can also be obtained on request from the Institute.

Programme Authors Title Attachments
DAN E Marchi Representation of rational numbers through a Lissajou's geometric figure PDF icon ni16043.pdf
DAN E Marchi On a relevant aspect in difference equations PDF icon ni16042.pdf
DAN E Marchi; M Matens Matricial Potentiation PDF icon ni16041.pdf
UNQ Mr Marvin Eisenberger; Jonas Latz; Elisabeth Ullmann Fast sampling of parameterised Gaussian random fields PDF icon ni17017.pdf
VMV Raymond Chan; Mila Nikolova; Robert Plemmons; Sudhakar Prasad; Chao Wang Nonconvex optimization for 3D point source localization using a rotating point spread function PDF icon ni17015.pdf
UNQ Arbaz Khan; Catherine Powell; David Silvester Robust Preconditioning for Stochastic Galerkin Formulations of Parameter-Dependent Linear Elasticity Equations PDF icon ni17014.pdf
GFS Thomas Powers; Juan Shi Swimming in an anisotrpic fluid: How speed depends on alignment angle PDF icon ni17013.pdf
SIP Pat Langhorne Estimation of Antarctic land-fast sea ice algal biomass and snow thickness from under-ice radiance spectra in two contrasting areas PDF icon ni17012.pdf
NWW Delia Ionescu-Kruse A three dimensional autonomous nonlinear dynamical system modelling equatorial ocean flows PDF icon ni17011.pdf
GFS Alexis Arnaudon; Darryl Holm; Stefan Sommer STOCHASTIC METAMORPHOSIS WITH TEMPLATE UNCERTAINTIES PDF icon ni17010.pdf
VMV Sarah Jane Hamilton; Andreas Hauptmann Deep D-bar: Real time Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging with Deep Neural Networks PDF icon ni17009.pdf
VMV Michael Hintermüller; Martin Holler; Kostas Papafitsoros A function space framework for structural total variation regularization with applications in inverse problems PDF icon ni17006.pdf
VMV Martin Welk (UMIT); Joachim Weickert; Guy Gilboa A Discrete Theory and Effcient Algorithms for Forward-and-Backward Diffusion Filtering PDF icon ni17005.pdf
BPR Joseph Corneli; Ursula Martin; Dave Murray-Rust; Gabriela Rino Nesin; Alison Pease; Raymond Puzio Modelling the Way Mathematics Is Actually Done PDF icon ni17003.pdf
DAN E Marchi Further remarks for difference equations PDF icon ni16039.pdf
DAN L Millan; E Marchi Temperature effect on collagen-like structure PDF icon ni16037.pdf
HIF C Brech; J Lopez-Abad; S Todorcevic Homogeneous families on trees and subsymmetric basic sequences PDF icon ni16036.pdf
DAN E Marchi Average equilibrium points PDF icon ni16035.pdf
DAN E Marchi A simple or deep mathematical problem? PDF icon ni16034.pdf
HIF A Kanamori Mathias and set theory PDF icon ni16033.pdf
HIF J Bagaria Derived topologies on ordinals and stationary reflection PDF icon ni16031.pdf
HIF N Dobrinen; D Hathaway The Haplern-Läuchli theorem at a measurable cardinal PDF icon ni16030.pdf
RGM B Federici; A Georgakopoulos Hyperbolicity vs. amenability for planar graphs PDF icon ni16029.pdf
RGM S Alstrup; A Georgakopolous; E Rotenberg; C Thomassen A Hamiltonian crycle in the square of a 2-connected graph in linear time PDF icon ni16028.pdf
HIF D Adolf; AW Apter; P Koepke Singularizing successor cardinals by forcing PDF icon ni16027.pdf
MQI J Bausch; T Cubitt The complexity of divisibility PDF icon ni16026.pdf
DAE AP Grieve Idle thoughts of a 'well-calibrated' Bayesian in clinical drug development PDF icon ni16025.pdf
HIF P Borodulin-Nadzieja; T Inamdar Measures and slaloms PDF icon ni16024.pdf
HIF P Borodulin-Nadzieja Measures and fibers PDF icon ni16023.pdf
PEP A Klein; ST Nguyen; C Rojas-Molina Characterization of the metal-insulator transport transition for the two-particle Anderson model PDF icon ni16022.pdf
HIF B Van Den Berg; I Meordijk Exact completetion of path categories and algebraic set theory PDF icon ni16021.pdf
HIF Y Zhu The higher sharp I PDF icon ni16020.pdf
HIF H Mildenberger Diagnonalising an ultrafilter and preserving a $\rho$-point PDF icon ni16019.pdf
HIF P Lücke; R Schindler; P Schlicht $\Sigma$$_1$($\kappa$)-Definable subsets of H($\kappa$$^+$) PDF icon ni16018.pdf
HIF C Morgan The $\kappa$$^+$-antichain property for ($\kappa$,1)-simplified morasses PDF icon ni16017.pdf
HIF P Lücke Ascending paths and forcings that specialize higher Aronszajn trees PDF icon ni16016.pdf
HIF AD Brooke-Taylor; SK Miller The quandry of quandles: The Borel completeness of a knot invariant PDF icon ni16015.pdf
HIF L Incurvati; B Löwe Restrictiveness relative to notions of interpretation PDF icon ni16014.pdf
DAN E Marchi; M Maton An observation related to the method of Lemke-Hobson PDF icon ni16013.pdf
DAN E Marchi The effective LVMM method in Lotka-Volterra systems PDF icon ni16012.pdf
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