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Towards higher chromatic analogues of elliptic cohomology: curves with high formal group laws. Talk being held in the CMS - Wolfson Room

Wednesday 18th December 2002 - 10:00 to 11:00
No Room Required
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Elliptic Cohomology and Chromatic Phenomena
Elliptic cohomology is related to v_2-periodicity because the formal group law associated with a certain elliptic curve has height 2. It is known that no elliptic curve will give greater height. In this talk I will display for each prime p and each i>0 a curve C(p,i) whose Jacobian has a 1-dimensional formal summand of height i(p-1). Both the curve and this formal group admit an action by a finite subgroup of the Morava stabilizer group containing an element of order p, which is maximal when p does not divide i.
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