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Geons with spin and charge

Wednesday 31st August 2005 - 15:30 to 16:30
INI Seminar Room 1

An eternal black hole with a nondegenerate Killing horizon and suitable discrete isometries has a variant in which the spatial hypersurfaces are not wormhole-like but only have one asymptotic infinity. Such black holes are examples of Sorkin's topological geons, generalising into the black-hole context Wheeler's idea of a massive stable object built entirely out of gravitation. In this talk we construct geon black holes with angular momenta and gauge charges. We show in particular: 1) While Gauss's theorem precludes a conventional electromagnetic charge, there are charged geons with a suitably twisted Maxwell field; 2) Four-dimensional spherically symmetric SU(2) black holes have a straightforward geon variant; 3) There exist geon quotients of Myers-Perry black holes, continuously deformable to zero angular momentum, in all odd spacetime dimensions greater than 3 except 7.

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