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Efficient use of population genome sequencing data

Tuesday 1st April 2008 - 11:30 to 12:30
INI Seminar Room 1

With the advent of new sequencing technologies that reduce the cost of DNA sequence by a factor of a hundred, we have moved into the era of population genomic sequencing, where we sample many individuals from a population to study natural genetic variation genome-wide. However, at this scale sequencing is still costly. I will discuss strategies to use low coverage sequencing on multiple samples from a population, and some of the complications in using the resulting data for population genetic analyses. Examples will be drawn from the Saccharomyces Genome Resequencing Project (SGRP) in which we have collected sequence data from 70 yeast strains, and planning for the 1000 Genomes Project to characterise human genetic variation down to 1% allele frequency.

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