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Modelling oosator performance case study of solving In dense granular flow

Monday 5th January 2009 - 14:40 to 15:05
INI Seminar Room 1
generally similar principles) are widely used for dosing products (as capsules, tablets, so on) that are delivered to the customer in powder form. It is a big challenge for the pharmaceutical industry to deal with dose weight control (in the order of doses between 20 to 1000mg) of the products with the wide range of existing powder blends. Producing a model of this process, to allow exploration of the various factors which have been seen to have an effect, is an interesting case study in dense granular flow. Currently a work-in-progress, it is being approached using an analytically-based finite-difference technique; the constitutive inputs include a combination of various well known powder mechanics phenomenological characterisation techniques [1] [2], a proven analytical model (the “Differential Slice” method by Janssen [3]), together with the introduction of some novel phenomenological characterisation techniques regarding powder response to stress and air permeability effects. To validate and calibrate the model, the Wolfson Centre has built a “Dosator Test-Rig” which measures the forces from the powder against the dosator at filling and ejection stages of the process for a range of powders. This paper gives an example of how some problems in dense granular flow can be approached using a mix of established analytical models, augmented by some novel extensions and well-chosen novel phenomenological characterisation techniques at a multiple-particle level. Acknowledgements This research project is financially supported, technically assisted and material provided by GSK.
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