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The flow generated by oblique impingement of granular material on an inclined plane

Thursday 8th January 2009 - 12:00 to 12:15
INI Seminar Room 1
We consider a steady stream of granular material impinging on, and subsequently flowing down, an inclined plane. The flow exhibits a wide range of behaviours, depending on the slope angle and a non-dimensionalised fall velocity, ranging from kinetic gas-like flow to intermittant avalanche formation. As well as being of theoretical interest, the scenario is representative of many industrial granular flows. We study in detail a previously unreported steady state flow regime, which displays a teardrop-shaped hydrodynamic shock surrounding the area of impingement. We construct a depth-integrated hyperbolic flow model which predicts with good agreement the experimental location and shape of the shock. A number of the experimentally observed features cannot be predicted by current shallow-layer models of granular materials, and we discuss these with reference to the constitutive rheology of thin-layer granular flows.
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