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Computational modelling to investigate the role of aging and species on arterial branch lesion patterns

Wednesday 22nd July 2009 - 13:45 to 14:00
INI Seminar Room 1
Session Title: 
Three Dimensional Fluid Structure Interaction
Session Chair: 
Gunnar Seemann

Atherosclerotic lesions are non-uniformly distributed at arterial bends and branch sites suggesting haemodynamic factors, particularly wall shear stress (WSS), are important factors in their development. The pattern of lesions at aortic branch sites depends on age and species [1]. To investigate this observation we have applied computational modelling around idealised intercostal arteries in the descending aorta (fig a) [2], where in-vivo lesion patterns are also available (fig b) [3,4]. In this model we have two parameters, the flow rate and the flow split between the aorta and intercostal branch. Some, but not all, of the in-vivo features can be associated with variations in flow split and flow rate. In a complementary study we have therefore considered alternative convection-diffusion continuum based models and in particular a micro-scale concentration polarisation of low density lipoproteins accumulation [5] to see if this can provide alternative insight into the pattern discrepancies.

1. Weinberg, P. D. 2002 Disease patterns at arterial branches and their relation to flow.Biorheology 39, 533-537. 2. Kazakidi, A, Sherwin, S.J, Weinberg, P.D , Effect of Reynolds number and flow division on patterns of haemodynamic wall shear stress near branch points in the descending thoracic aorta, J. R. Soc, Interface, , 2008 3. McGillicuddy, C. J., Carrier, M. J. & Weinberg, P. D. 2001 Distribution of lipid deposits around aortic branches of mice lacking LDL receptors and apolipoprotein E. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 21, 1220-1225. 4. Barnes, S. E. & Weinberg, P. D. 1999 Two patterns of lipid deposition in the cholesterol-fed rabbit. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 19, 2376-2386. 5. Vincent, P.E, Sherwin, S.J, Weinberg, P.D , The Effect of a Spatially Heterogeneous Transmural Water Flux on Concentration Polarisation of Low Density Lipoprotein in Arteries, Biophysical Journal, Accepted for publication, 2009

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