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On simple finite subgroups in the Cremona group of rank 3

Presented by: 
I Cheltsov [Edinburgh]
Tuesday 24th May 2011 - 15:30 to 16:30
INI Seminar Room 1
The Cremona group of rank N is the group of birational selfmaps of the projective space of dimension N. Recently Yura Prokhorov (Moscow) classified all finite simple subgroups in the Cremona group of rank 3 (this answers a question of Serre). I will show how to apply Nadel-Shokurov vanishing and Kawamata subadjunction to study conjugacy classes of the subgroups classified by Prokhorov. In particular, I give a partial answer to another question of Serre on normalizers of finite simple subgroups in the Cremona of rank 3. This is a joint work with Costya Shramov (Moscow).
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