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Un-twisting the NHEK with spectral flows

Monday 28th May 2012 - 16:45 to 17:30
Schroedinger spacetimes geometrically realize the nonrelativistic conformal group, reason for which they have been proposed as holographic duals to strongly coupled non-relativistic CFTs. On the other hand, it has been recently shown that black holes in three-dimensional Schroedinger spacetimes exhibit a previously unknown Virasoro asymptotic symmetry, which is indicative of a full conformal symmetry. To uncover it, I will construct a Fefferman-Graham-like expansion for the relevant modes in asymptotically three-dimensional Schroedinger spacetimes by mapping them to an auxiliary AdS(3) spacetime, and show that the renormalized on-shell action for these modes is identical to the one for the gravity modes in the auxiliary AdS(3). The holographic stress-energy tensor one obtains by this procedure is symmetric, conserved and its trace yields the same conformal anomaly as in AdS(3).
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