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Bianchi Attractors: A Classification of Extremal Black Brane Geometries

Tuesday 29th May 2012 - 09:30 to 10:15
Extremal black branes are of interest because they correspond to the ground states of field theories at finite charge density in gauge/gravity duality. The geometry of such a brane need not be translationally invariant in the spatial directions along which it extends. A less restrictive requirement is that of homogeneity, which still allows points along the spatial directions to be related to each other by symmetries. In the talk we will discuss new classes of homogeneous but anisotropic extremal black brane horizons, which could naturally arise in gauge/gravity dual pairs. In 4+1 dimensional spacetime, we will show that such homogeneous black brane solutions are classified by the Bianchi classification, which is well known in the study of cosmology, and fall into nine classes.
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