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Gauge fluxes and M5-instantons in F-theory and their Type IIB duals

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T Weigand Universität Heidelberg
Thursday 28th June 2012 - 14:35 to 15:10
INI Seminar Room 1
I discuss recent progress in the description of G4 gauge fluxes in F-theory compactifications on Calabi-Yau fourfolds. Such fluxes are important from the perspective of F-theory model building, where gauge fluxes are required for example for the generation of chiral matter. An explicit dictionary between a class of factorisable G4 fluxes in certain F-theory compactifications and corresponding diagonal U(1) fluxes in Type IIB orientifolds sheds new light on the uplift of Type IIB vacua to F-theory. This global description of gauge fluxes in F-theory also allows for the evaluation of selection rules for M5-instantons to contribute to the superpotential.
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