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Phenomenological Heterotic Theory: Standard Models, the Renormalization Group and All That

Friday 29th June 2012 - 11:20 to 11:55
INI Seminar Room 1
A class of hidden sector polystable vector bundles will be presented that, when used in combination with SU(4) heterotic standard model bundles, lead to completely stable string vacua with exactly the particle spectrum of the MSSM with three right-handed neutrino supermultiplets. Threshold corrections, the effective Lagrangian with soft supersymmetry breaking and its scaling under the renormalization group are discussed. It is shown that gauged B-L symmetry and electroweak symmetry are radiatively broken with a small hierarchy over a wide range of initial parameters. Implications of these SU(4) heterotic standard models for the LHC are explored.
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