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High Frequency Asymptotics for the Limit Order Book

Wednesday 14th August 2013 - 14:30 to 15:15
INI Seminar Room 1
We study the one-sided limit order book corresponding to limit sell orders and model it as a measure-valued process. Limit orders arrive to the book according to a Poisson process and are placed on the book according to a distribution which varies depending on the current best price. Market orders to buy periodically arrive to the book according to a second, independent Poisson process and remove from the book the order corresponding to the current best price. We consider the above described limit order book in a high frequency regime in which the rate of incoming limit and market orders is large and traders place their limit sell orders close to the current best price. Our first set of results provide weak limits for the unscaled price process and the properly scaled measure-valued limit order book process in the high frequency regime. In particular, we characterize the limiting measure-valued limit order book process as the solution to a measure-valued stochastic differential equation. We then provide an analysis of both the transient and long-run behavior of the limiting limit order book process. This is joint work with Peter Lakner and Sasha Stoikov.
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