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Introduction to Quantum Linear Systems

Presented by: 
G Zhang Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Tuesday 29th July 2014 - 10:00 to 11:00
INI Seminar Room 2

This talk gives a very brief summary of quantum linear systems. It is shown that for a general quantum linear system its controllability and observability are equivalent and they can be checked by means of a simple matrix rank condition. Based on controllability and observability a specific realization is proposed for general quantum linear systems in which an uncontrollable and unobservable subspace is identified. When restricted to the passive case, it is found that a realization is minimal if and only if it is Hurwitz stable. Computational methods are proposed to find the cardinality of minimal realizations of a quantum linear passive system.  It is found that the transfer function of a quantum linear passive system $G$ can be written as a fractional form in terms of a  matrix function $\Sigma$; moreover, $G$ is lossless bounded real if and only if $\Sigma$ is lossless positive real. A type of realization for multi-input-multi-output quantum linear passive systems is deriv ed, which is closely related to its controllability and observability decomposition. Two realizations, namely the independent-oscillator realization and the chain-mode realization, are proposed for single-input-single-output quantum linear passive systems, and it is shown that under the assumption of minimal realization, the  independent-oscillator realization is unique, and these two realizations are related to the lossless positive real matrix function $\Sigma$.

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