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Implementing Trade-offs in FBA

Tuesday 4th November 2014 - 13:45 to 14:00
INI Seminar Room 1
Co-author: Orkun Soyer (University of Warwick)

The implementation of higher level constraints in flux balance analysis, that impose global limits on flux rates, could considerably limit the amount of apriori kinetic information that needs to go into an FBA model. Two promising approaches in this direction are the notion of "molecular crowding", that sets a limit on the total allowable flux within a model and the membrane-space limitation approach, that limits total uptake flux. We use membrane-space limitation in an evolutionary scenario to find uptake fluxes on FBA models that lead to higher growth rates given a certain medium. Depending on the complexity of the medium, the trade offs forbid a unique solution and hence we see the emergence of multiple co-existing model "species" sharing a given medium.

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