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Market Design Considerations for Scarcity Pricing: A Stochastic Equilibrium Framework

Presented by: 
Anthony Papavasiliou
Tuesday 19th March 2019 - 14:30 to 15:15
INI Seminar Room 1
We develop a stochastic equilibrium framework for analyzing variations of two-settlement system in which energy and reserve capacity is traded in a day-ahead market followed by a real-time market. The framework is aimed at analyzing the impact of various short-term market design decisions on the remuneration of reserve capacity under operating reserve demand curves. The proposed framework accounts for risk aversion, real-time uncertainty, and a relaxed representation of unit commitment decisions. The framework can be used for analyzing the implication of various market design choices on the back-propagation of real-time prices. These choices include (i) the presence or absence of a real-time reserve capacity market, (ii) the simultaneous or sequential clearing of reserves and energy in day-ahead markets, and (iii) the presence or absence of virtual bidding. We propose a decomposition heuristic for solving the resulting non-convex equilibrium problem. We apply our framework for the analysis of market design choices on the remuneration of reserves in the Belgian electricity market.
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