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Large gap asymptotics at the hard edge for Muttalib-Borodin ensembles

Presented by: 
Jonatan Lenells
Monday 9th September 2019 - 14:00 to 15:00
INI Seminar Room 1
I will present joint work with Christophe Charlier and Julian Mauersberger.
We consider the limiting process that arises at the hard edge of Muttalib-Borodin ensembles. This point process depends on $\theta > 0$ and has a kernel built out of Wright's generalized Bessel functions. In a recent paper, Claeys, Girotti and Stivigny have established first and second order asymptotics for large gap probabilities in these ensembles. These asymptotics take the form
\mathbb{P}(\mbox{gap on } [0,s]) = C \exp \left( -a s^{2\rho} + b s^{\rho} + c \ln s \right) (1 + o(1)) \qquad \mbox{as }s \to + \infty,
where the constants $\rho$, $a$, and $b$ have been derived explicitly via a differential identity in $s$ and the analysis of a Riemann-Hilbert problem. Their method can be used to evaluate $c$ (with more efforts), but does not allow for the evaluation of $C$. In this work, we obtain expressions for the constants $c$ and $C$ by employing a differential identity in $\theta$. When $\theta$ is rational, we find that $C$ can be expressed in terms of Barnes' $G$-function. We also show that the asymptotic formula can be extended to all orders in $s$.
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