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Seminar Series (KIT Weekly Series)

Event When Speaker Title Presentation Material
KIT 14th September 2010 P Lafitte Numerical exploration of a forward-backward diffusion equation
KIT 14th September 2010 S Takata Poiseuille and thermal transpiration flows of a highly rarefied gas
KIT 21st September 2010 LS Luo Lattice Boltzmann equation: what Do We Know and What Can We Do With It?
KIT 21st September 2010 S Rjasanow Numerics of the inelastic Boltzmann equation
KIT 28th September 2010 TP Liu Hilbert sixth problem
KIT 28th September 2010 A Bobylev Linear Boltzmann equation and some Dirichlet series
KIT 5th October 2010 A Chertock Interaction dynamics of singular wave fronts computed by particle methods
KIT 5th October 2010 B During Gradient flow scheme for nonlinear fourth order equations
KIT 12th October 2010 V Panferov On kinetic and hydrodynamic descriptions of the Vicsek dynamics
KIT 19th October 2010 W Strauss Stability theory in a collisionless plasma
KIT 19th October 2010 F Bolley Mean field limit of stochastic particle systems
KIT 2nd November 2010 A Nouri On kinetic equations describing tokamak plasmas
KIT 2nd November 2010 S Mischler Factorisation for non-symmetric operators and exponential H-theorems
KIT 16th November 2010 R Marra Ghost effect by curvature
KIT 16th November 2010 M Di Francesco 'The Hughes' model for pedestrian flow
KIT 23rd November 2010 I Gasser Traffic dynamics induced by bottleneck
KIT 29th November 2010 W Wagner Kinetic equations and Markov jump processes
KIT 30th November 2010 JA Carrillo Nonlinear integrate and fire neuron models: analysis and numerics
KIT 30th November 2010 M Gonzalez Nonlinear integrate and fire neuron models, part II: existence, uniqueness, and asymptotics
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