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Seminar Series (KIT Weekly Series)

Event When Speaker Title Presentation Material
KIT 14th September 2010 Numerical exploration of a forward-backward diffusion equation  
KIT 14th September 2010 Poiseuille and thermal transpiration flows of a highly rarefied gas  
KIT 21st September 2010 Lattice Boltzmann equation: what Do We Know and What Can We Do With It?  
KIT 21st September 2010 S Rjasanow Numerics of the inelastic Boltzmann equation  
KIT 28th September 2010 Hilbert sixth problem  
KIT 28th September 2010 Linear Boltzmann equation and some Dirichlet series  
KIT 5th October 2010 Interaction dynamics of singular wave fronts computed by particle methods  
KIT 5th October 2010 Gradient flow scheme for nonlinear fourth order equations  
KIT 12th October 2010 V Panferov On kinetic and hydrodynamic descriptions of the Vicsek dynamics  
KIT 19th October 2010 W Strauss Stability theory in a collisionless plasma
KIT 19th October 2010 F Bolley Mean field limit of stochastic particle systems  
KIT 2nd November 2010 A Nouri On kinetic equations describing tokamak plasmas
KIT 2nd November 2010 S Mischler Factorisation for non-symmetric operators and exponential H-theorems
KIT 16th November 2010 Ghost effect by curvature  
KIT 16th November 2010 'The Hughes' model for pedestrian flow  
KIT 23rd November 2010 I Gasser Traffic dynamics induced by bottleneck  
KIT 29th November 2010 W Wagner Kinetic equations and Markov jump processes  
KIT 30th November 2010 JA Carrillo Nonlinear integrate and fire neuron models: analysis and numerics  
KIT 30th November 2010 Nonlinear integrate and fire neuron models, part II: existence, uniqueness, and asymptotics  
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