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David Chillingworth

"I speak for all five organisers of our programme in saying thank you to all at the Institute, at the front desk, in the Library, in the lecture rooms and generally behind the scenes, keeping everything going so smoothly and being so helpful in sorting out any minor problems."

David Chillingworth, University of Southampton
(On behalf of all the MLC programme organisers)

Nigel Wood

"My thanks to all the staff who were exceptionally helpful and efficient"

Nigel Wood, Met Office

Donna Calhoun

"Everything exceeded my expectations - I can't say enough about how helpful the administrative staff and general INI support was."

Donna Calhoun, Boise State University

Jörn Behrens

"I am very grateful for all the support. I especially appreciated and admire the possibility to visit other departments in the UK and by this sharing Newton Institute's resources with the UK mathematical community. This is ingenious and very helpful!"

Jörn Behrens, Universität Hamburg

Tommaso Benacchio

"The ideal conditions here at the Newton Institute, as well as the ceaseless exchange of ideas with fellow participants, contributed to a very productive, stimulating and motivating month."

Tommaso Benacchio, Freie Universität Berlin

Frank Giraldo

"Keep doing what you are doing. This is the best institute I have visited."

Frank Giraldo, Naval Postgraduate School

Claudio Zannoni

"I found the atmosphere of the Institute really magic, for the extremely kind and helpful personnel, for the building itself with its structure favouring meetings and discussions, for the focused workshops and the flow of seminars and most of all for the quality of the colleagues and long term visitors."

Claudio Zannoni, Università di Bologna

"The organisers produced a diverse collection of excellent speakers with serious and challenging results to discuss. I was left with a new appreciation of the field; both what is currently possible and what the issues are."

Jonathan Dawes, University of Bath

Ross Lund

"It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet so many eminent people in my field, and to give a talk in an environment that was geared towards encouraging young researchers rather than intimidating them."

Ross Lund, University of Bristol

Samo Kralj

"Extremely comfortable accommodation, peaceful, excellent for work"

Samo Kralj, Jozef Stefan Institute

Richard Kerner

"I have rarely found such a perfect mix of efficiency, good humor and good manners among the members of the supporting staff."

Richard Kerner, Université Pierre & Marie Curie-Paris VI

Jason Cantarella

"The Institute does a really first-rate job of providing enough food and coffee to enable one to work uninterrupted. This is something that must be expensive, but is worth everything you spend on it. Well done, again!"

Jason Cantarella, University of Georgia

Tigran Tchrakian

"I regret not having kept in with news of Newton Institute activities in the past. It is a very valuable resource for researchers in the mathematical sciences."

Tigran Tchrakian, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

Roman Buniy

"INI has the friendliest, most knowledgeable, most helpful staff. Period."

Roman Buniy, Chapman University

Colton Conroy

"The Library was great for getting work done, and it had an impressive collection of books."

Colton Conroy, Ohio State University

Bruno Vallette

"Thanks to the so efficient and kind support of the staff of the Newton Institute, we all spent 4 wonderful months in Cambridge, representing there 4 topics of mathematics for the first time."

Bruno Vallette, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
(On behalf of all the GDO programme organisers)

Stephane Robin

"Everything (support, facilities, housing and catering) was just perfect. The Institute is clearly an optimal place to work."

Stéphane Robin, INRA: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

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