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E.g., 2019-02-16
E.g., 2019-02-16
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
ASC 15th February 2019 Ben Adcock Lecture 3: High-Dimensional Polynomial Approximation
ASC 14th February 2019 Ben Adcock Lecture 2: Compressive Imaging
DNM 13th February 2019 Christos Likos Polymer flow and polymer topology: linear chains, rings and knots flow differently
DNM 13th February 2019 Marco Mazza Emergence of phytoplankton patchiness at small scales in mild turbulence
DNM 13th February 2019 Martin Kruzik On the passage from nonlinear to linearized viscoelasticity
ASC 13th February 2019 Erich Novak Lecture 2: Complexity results for integration.
ASC 12th February 2019 Ben Adcock Lecture 1: Overview and Theory
ASC 11th February 2019 Erich Novak Lecture 1: Some old and new results on Information-Based Complexity
MES 11th February 2019 Research Tracks - Pierre Pinson and Yanning Goude
DNM 6th February 2019 Nuno Araujo Finding the optimal nets for self-folding Kirigami
DNM 6th February 2019 Juho Lintuvuori Hydrodynamic assembly of out of equilibrium colloids
DNM 6th February 2019 Lech Longa Nematic twist-bend:the heliconical phase of nonchiral liquid crystals
DNM 30th January 2019 Jonathan Robbins Collective coordinates, asymptotics and domain wall dynamics in ferromagnets
ASC 29th January 2019 Mikhail Tyaglov Hurwitz stable and self-interlacing orthogonal polynomials.
ASC 24th January 2019 Elijah Liflyand The Fourier transform of a function of bounded variation: symmetry and asymmetry
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 David Newbery Panel Discussion - can we/should we do 100% Renewables?
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Iain Miller Future Energy Systems Challenges - a Distribution Operator Perspective
DNM 23rd January 2019 Friedemann Brock Isoperimetric inequalities on RN with respect to homogeneous weights
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Jonas Ströjby An Industry Perspective on Managing Flexibility
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Alastair Davies Renewable Energy Focus: Calculating the Carbon Content of Power Imports
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Cathy McClay Industry Talk: The Electricity System Operator Perspective
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Tommaso Nesti Emergent Failures and Cascades in Power Grids: A Large Deviations Approach
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Thomas Marge Integrated Offshore Wind Farm Design: Optimising Micrositing and Cable Layout Simultaneously
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Paulina Rowinska Blowing in the Wind
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Valentin Courgeau Continuous-time Modelling of Energy Networks
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Michael Coulon Wind Park Valuation and Risk Management in Germany
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Patrick Panciatici (R)evolution of Large Electrical Systems
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Damian Giaouris Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digitisation of Energy through Hybrid Storage Systems
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 James Cruise Modelling Flexibility for Future Networks
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Andy Philpott Planning a 100% Renewable Electricity System
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 John Moriarty Outline and Summary of INI Research Programme - Mathematics of Energy Systems
OFBW42 23rd January 2019 Jane Leeks, David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
DNMW01 18th January 2019 Mark Warner Microstructure for continuous and localised intrinsic curvature creation
ASC 18th January 2019 Andreas Seeger A maximal function for families of Hilbert transforms along homogeneous curves
DNMW01 18th January 2019 Alenka Mertelj Polar order in liquids
DNMW01 18th January 2019 Dmitry Golovaty Interfaces with singularities: understanding phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
DNMW01 18th January 2019 John Ball Remarks on polycrystalline microstructure
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Claudio Zannoni Realistic prediction of molecular organizations in thin organic films
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Nigel Mottram Pressure-driven active nematics systems: possible optimisation and design methods
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Rodrigo Ledesma-Aguilar Manipulating droplets on lubricant impregnated surfaces
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Luc Nguyen Symmetry and multiple existence of critical points in 2D Landau-de Gennes Q-tensor theory
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Radu Ignat Symmetry in materials science models under the divergence constraint
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Cyrill Muratov Analysis of Novel Domain Wall Types in Ferromagnetic Nanostructures
DNMW01 17th January 2019 Antonio DeSimone Morphing and shape control: some lessons from the motility of unicellular organisms
DNMW01 16th January 2019 Dirk Aarts Measuring g(r) by test-particle insertion
DNMW01 16th January 2019 Randall Kamien Knitogami
DNMW01 16th January 2019 Pingwen Zhang Defects of Liquid Crystals
DNMW01 16th January 2019 Margarida Telo da Gama Designing colloidal structures: fast and slow dynamics
DNMW01 15th January 2019 Mike Cates Reverse Engineering of Design Principles using Biased Dynamics
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