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E.g., 2018-12-11
E.g., 2018-12-11
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SRQW03 10th December 2018 Ivan Corwin Dynamic ASEP
SRQW03 10th December 2018 Christophe Garban Quantum field theory and SPDEs under the light of near-criticality and noise sensitivity
SRQW03 10th December 2018 Panagiotis Souganidis New regularity results and long time behavior of pathwise (stochastic) Hamilton-Jacobi equations
SRQW03 10th December 2018 Benjamin Schlein Bogoliubov Excitations of dilute Bose-Einstein Condensates
SRQW03 10th December 2018 Martin Hairer tba
HHHW04 7th December 2018 Diarmuid Crowley Relative kappa-classes
HHHW04 7th December 2018 Ryan Budney Some prospects with the splicing operad
HHHW04 7th December 2018 Sam Nariman Topological and dynamical obstructions to extending group actions.
SRQ 7th December 2018 Roman Kotecky An abstract framework for a non-perturbative renormalisation
HHHW04 7th December 2018 Andre Henriques The complex cobordism 2-category and its central extensions
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Danica Kosanović Contributed talk - Extended evaluation maps from knots to the embedding tower
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Csaba Nagy Contributed Talk - The Sullivan-conjecture in complex dimension 4
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Rachael Boyd Contributed Talk - The low dimensional homology of Coxeter groups
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Manuel Krannich Contributed talk - Mapping class groups of highly connected manifolds
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Ben Knudsen Configuration spaces and Lie algebras away from characteristic zero
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Johannes Ebert Cobordism categories, elliptic operators and positive scalar curvature
HHHW04 6th December 2018 Alexander Berglund Rational homotopy theory of automorphisms of manifolds
SRQ 5th December 2018 Ajay Chandra Stochastic quantization of Yang Mills
HHHW04 5th December 2018 Fabian Hebestreit The homotopy type of algebraic cobordism categories
HHHW04 5th December 2018 Christine Vespa Higher Hochschild homology as a functor
HHHW04 5th December 2018 Cary Malkiewich Periodic points and topological restriction homology
HHHW04 4th December 2018 Nathalie Wahl Homotopy invariance in string topology
HHHW04 4th December 2018 Victor Turchin Embeddings, operads, graph-complexes
HHHW04 4th December 2018 Alexander Kupers Cellular techniques in homological stability 2: mapping class groups
HHHW04 4th December 2018 Thomas Willwacher Configuration spaces of points and real Goodwillie-Weiss calculus
HHHW04 4th December 2018 Wolfgang Lueck On the stable Cannon Conjecture
HHHW04 3rd December 2018 Christopher Schommer-Pries The Relative Tangle Hypothesis
HHHW04 3rd December 2018 George Raptis The h-cobordism category and A-theory
HHHW04 3rd December 2018 Alexander Kupers Cellular techniques in homological stability 1: general theory
SRQ 3rd December 2018 Tyler Helmuth Isomorphism theorems, random walks, and spin systems.
HHHW04 3rd December 2018 Soren Galatius H_{4g-6}(M_g)
HHH 30th November 2018 Doug Ravenel More about the slice filtration and slice spectral sequence
SRQ 30th November 2018 Sandra Cerrai Large time behavior of infinite dimensional systems under the Smoluchowski-Kramers approximation
HHH 29th November 2018 Christian Schlichtkrull Higher monoidal monomorphisms
HHH 29th November 2018 Federico Cantero Morán Spaces of merging submanifold
HHH 29th November 2018 Rachael Boyd Homological stability for Artin monoids
HHH 29th November 2018 Christian Ausoni On a Greenlees spectral sequence
SRQ 28th November 2018 Trishen Gunaratnam Quasi-invariant Gaussian Measures for the 3D Nonlinear Wave Equation
SRQ 28th November 2018 Benjamin Gess Generation of random dynamical systems for SPDE with nonlinear noise.
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Questions, Discussion and Wrap-up
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Kate Saunders Finding a Rough Path through Disruptive Innovation in Mental Health
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Rama Cont Classification and Monitoring of Dynamic Trading Strategies
HHH 27th November 2018 David Ayala Orthogonal group and adjoints
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Lianwen Jin Large Scale and Unconstrained Online Handwritten Chinese Character/Text Recognition Based on Deep Learning and Path Signature
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Steve Naylor Analysis of Multimodal Streamed Data in Workplaces for Better Health and Safety Decision-Making - Opportunities and Challenges
HHH 27th November 2018 Claudia Scheimbauer Constructing extended AKSZ topological field theories in derived symplectic geometry
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Paul King Predicting an Adversarys Courses of Action from Sparse Observations
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Weixin Yang Action Recognition from Landmark Data
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Daniel Wilson-Nunn Recognising Arabic Handwriting
OFBW41 27th November 2018 Paul Moore Experiments in Predicting Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease
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