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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2014-11-29
E.g., 2014-11-29
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
UMCW04 28th November 2014 C Picioreanu Plenary Lecture 17: Modeling biofilm formation in porous media and fouling in membrane processes
UMCW04 28th November 2014 L Raskin Plenary Lecture 16: Managing microbial communities in anaerobic membrane bioreactors
UMCW04 28th November 2014 J Rodriguez Plenary Lecture 15: Can bioenergetics tell us more about microbial ecosystems activity than community identity?
UMCW04 28th November 2014 P Wilmes Plenary Lecture 14: Ecosystems Biology: from data to control of microbial communities
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Kirkilionis Contributed Talk 5: Numerical Continuation of Equilibria of Cell Population Models with Internal Cell Cycle
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Ortiz Contributed Talk 4: Optimization-based tools for bacterial ecology design
UMCW04 27th November 2014 A Free Plenary Lecture 13: Variability and Alternative Community States in Microbial Communities
UMCW04 27th November 2014 J Prosser Plenary Lecture 12: The paradox of nitrification in acid soils and lessons for microbial community ecology
UMCW04 27th November 2014 R Kleerebezem Contributed Talk 3: Flux analysis in microbial ecosystems
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Barer Plenary Lecture 11: The good the bad and the irrelevant. Sequential analyses of the sputum microbiome in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
UMCW04 27th November 2014 M Asally Plenary Lecture 10: tba
UMCW04 27th November 2014 N Krasnogor Plenary Lecture 9: Computation and Polymer Synthesis for Designer Quorum Sensing Behaviour
UMCW04 27th November 2014 A Pinto Plenary Lecture 8: Towards a predictive framework for microbial community dynamics in drinking water systems
UMCW04 27th November 2014 O Croze Contributed Talk 2: Long distance relationships between algae and bacteria
UMCW04 27th November 2014 G Hernandez-Raquet Plenary Lecture 7: Lignocellulose degradation by enriched microbial consortia from cow rumen and termite gut
UMCW04 27th November 2014 V de Lorenzo Plenary Lecture 6: Metabolic conflicts drive multi-scale organization of microbial activities
UMCW04 26th November 2014 JF Poyatos Contributed Talk 1: Synthetic microbial systems as ecosystems simulators
UMCW04 26th November 2014 B Smets Plenary Lecture 5: Engineering microbial community architecture to set community metabolism
UMCW04 26th November 2014 E Trably Plenary Lecture 4: Eco-engineering of fermentative microbial communities: the role of keystone species
UMCW04 26th November 2014 T Bell Plenary Lecture 3: Bacterial interactions in synthetic communities and in the wild
UMCW04 26th November 2014 K Foster Plenary Lecture 2: Cooperation and competition in microbial communities
SYR 26th November 2014 A McNeil Scenario Sets, Risk Measures and Stress Testing Part 2: Implementation
UMCW04 26th November 2014 H Wang Plenary Lecture 1: Engineering syntrophic exchange in synthetic microbial communities
SYR 26th November 2014 A McNeil Scenario Sets, Risk Measures and Stress Testing Part 1: Theory
UMC 25th November 2014 M Mobilia Spiralling patterns in models inspired by bacterial games with cyclic competition
UMC 25th November 2014 S Guptal The role of immune selection on the population structure of metabolic genes in pathogenic bacteria
SYR 24th November 2014 R May Systemic Risk in Ecological and Financial Systems: Early Warnings?
UMC 21st November 2014 D Nelson Life at High Reynolds Number
SYR 19th November 2014 J Bonart Instabilities in economic network models: Is perfect rationality dynamically stable?
SYR 19th November 2014 H Ku Option Replication and Valuation in Illiquid Markets
UMC 18th November 2014 D Greig Sexual signals between yeast cells
SYR 18th November 2014 PH Dybvig Bank Runs, Deposit Insurance, and Liquidity: I
UMC 14th November 2014 S Cornell Modelling Macro Ecological Patterns: Neutral Theory and Beyond
UMC 13th November 2014 R Quinn Omics approaches reveal how chemistry governs the biology of cystic fibrosis lung infections
UMC 13th November 2014 I Klapper Why are there so few microbial species?
UMC 10th November 2014 C Murrell Understanding the structure and function of microbes involved in cycling of trace gases in the environment
UMC 6th November 2014 N Goldenfeld How microbial communities drove the evolution of the genetic code more than 3.8 billion years ago
UMC 6th November 2014 D Franco Controlling chaos in population models
SYR 6th November 2014 S Weber An Integrated Model of Systemic Risk in Financial Networks
SYR 5th November 2014 C Aymanns The dynamics of the leverage cycle
UMC 5th November 2014 W Shou Interaction driven spatial patterning in microbial communities
SYR 5th November 2014 S Weber Measures of Systemic Risk
UMC 5th November 2014 D Murray Energetic feedback on chromatin state defines a system-wide reset point
SYR 5th November 2014 S Weber Monetary Risk Measures - A Short Review
SYR 4th November 2014 F Vega-Redondo Epidemics in networks
SYR 4th November 2014 S Goyal Trading in networks
UMCW05 4th November 2014 T Grosskopf Implementing Trade-offs in FBA
UMCW05 4th November 2014 S Hoffmann Optimal metabolic dynamics resolved by cyclic FBA
UMCW05 4th November 2014 D Murray tba
UMCW05 4th November 2014 B Olivier Exchanging stoichiometric models: interoperability at genome scale
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