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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-07-06
E.g., 2015-07-06
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
DAEW07 6th July 2015 P Mueller A population-finding design with non-parametric Bayesian response model
DAEW07 6th July 2015 V Dragalin Adaptive population enrichment designs
DAEW07 6th July 2015 A Giovagnoli Some critical issues in adaptive experimental designs for treatment comparisons
DAEW07 6th July 2015 N Flournoy An adaptive optimal design with a small fixed stage-one sample size
DAEW07 6th July 2015 L Haines Start-up designs for response-adpative randomization procedures
DAEW07 6th July 2015 F Miller Adaptive dose-finding with power control
DAEW07 6th July 2015 C Jennison Designing an adaptive trial with treatment selection and a survival endpoint
PEPW04 26th June 2015 F Klopp Interacting quantum particles in a 1 D random background
PEPW04 26th June 2015 G Stolz Recent results and open problems on many-body localization
PEPW04 25th June 2015 P Kuchment Green's function asymptotic behavior near a non-degenerate spectral edge of a periodic operator
PEPW04 25th June 2015 I Goldsheid The invariant measure for random walks on a strip
PEPW04 25th June 2015 N Sidorova Localisation and ageing in the parabolic Anderson model
PEPW04 25th June 2015 P Hislop Eigenvalue statistics for random Schrodinger operators
PEPW04 25th June 2015 S Molchanov Spectral theory of the Schr?dinger operators on fractals
PEPW04 24th June 2015 R Hempel $L_1$-Estimates for Eigenfunctions of the Dirichlet Laplacian
PEPW04 24th June 2015 R Shterenberg Behavior of the spectrum of the periodic Schrodinger operators near the edges of the gaps
PEPW04 24th June 2015 S Kotani Invariance of IDS under Darboux transformation and its application
PEPW04 24th June 2015 D Damanik Pure point spectrum in the regime of zero Lyapunov exponents
PEPW04 23rd June 2015 J Imbrie Level Spacing for Non-Monotone Anderson Models
PEPW04 23rd June 2015 Y Suhov New properties of entropy and their consequences
PEPW04 23rd June 2015 J Schenker Dissipative transport in the localized regime
PEPW04 23rd June 2015 A Elgart An eigensystem approach to Anderson localization, part II
PEPW04 23rd June 2015 A Klein An eigensystem approach to Anderson localization
PEPW04 22nd June 2015 T Sunada Primitive Pythagorean triples and "near" quasicrystals
PEPW04 22nd June 2015 M Shcherbina On fluctuations of eigenvalues of random band matrices
PEPW04 22nd June 2015 P Bourgade From the mesoscopic to microscopic scale in random matrix theory
PEPW04 22nd June 2015 E Bolthausen On the two-dimensional random walk in an isotropic random environment
PEPW04 22nd June 2015 A Sobolev On non-smooth functions of Wiener-Hopf operators
RGMW05 19th June 2015 V Beffara From Internal DLA to self-interacting walks
RGMW05 19th June 2015 J Lind Loewner curvature
RGMW05 19th June 2015 C Burdzy Twin peaks
RGMW05 18th June 2015 T Alberts Boundary Measures and Natural Time Parameterization for SLE
RGMW05 18th June 2015 D Zhan Welding of the Backward SLE and Tip of the Forward SLE
RGMW05 18th June 2015 F Viklund Scaling limit of the probability that loop-erased random walk uses a given edge
RGMW05 18th June 2015 N-G Kang Radial SLE martingale-observables
RGMW05 18th June 2015 B Duplantier SLE Quantum Multifractality
RGMW05 17th June 2015 C Benes Where Planar Simple Random Walk Loses its Rotational Symmetry
RGMW05 17th June 2015 V Limic Return of the Multiplicative Coalescent
RGMW05 17th June 2015 M Kozdron A random walk proof of Kirchhoff's matrix tree theorem
RGMW05 17th June 2015 C Garban A (slightly) new look at the backbone
RGMW05 17th June 2015 H Duminil-Copin Scaling window of Bernoulli percolation on Z^d
RGMW05 16th June 2015 H Wu Conformal restriction: the chordal and the radial
PEP 16th June 2015 N Filonov Absolute continuity returns: potentials that are periodic in some directions only
RGMW05 16th June 2015 B Werness Convergence of discrete holomorphic functions on non-uniform lattices
RGMW05 16th June 2015 J Dubédat tba
RGMW05 16th June 2015 A-S Sznitman On Disconnection, random walks, random interlacements, and the Gaussian free field
RGMW05 16th June 2015 Y Peres Competitive erosion is conformally invariant
RGMW05 15th June 2015 R Kenyon Essential spanning forests on periodic planar graphs
RGMW05 15th June 2015 J Miller Liouville quantum gravity and the Brownian map
RGMW05 15th June 2015 S Rohde Conformal representations of Random Maps and Surfaces
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