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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2015-06-29
E.g., 2015-06-29
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
PEP 27th May 2015 S Molchanov Density of states and Lyapunov exponent in the heavy tail potentials
PEP 20th May 2015 V Jaksic Jacobi Matrices and Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
PEP 20th May 2015 J Schenker Dissipative Transport in the Localization Regime
13th May 2015 E Maskin Choice under Uncertainty
PEP 13th May 2015 R Kiwan How to Place an Obstacle so as to Optimize the Dirichlet Eigenvalues in $\R^2$.
PEP 13th May 2015 V Jaksic Conductance and absolutely continuous spectrum of 1D samples
13th May 2015 P Dasgupta Malnutrition and Poverty Traps
12th May 2015 M Harris Mathematics without Apologies
PEP 11th May 2015 L Pastur Rothschild Distinguished Visiting Fellow Lecture: Disordered systems and related spectra
PEP 7th May 2015 I Krasovsky Asymptotic behaviour of a sine-kernel determinant in the theory of the log-gas and random matrices
6th May 2015 P Dasgupta Assessing Performance and Evaluating Policy
6th May 2015 E Maskin Game Theoretic Equilibrium
PEP 6th May 2015 B Helffer Magnetic wells in dimension two and three
29th April 2015 E Maskin The Example of Money
29th April 2015 P Dasgupta Exploitation as Cooperation
PEP 28th April 2015 G Rozenblum Eigenvalues of the Schroedinger operator on infinite combinatorial and quantum graphs
PEP 28th April 2015 B Khoruzhenko Non-linear generalisation of the May-Wigner instability transition (joint work with Yan Fyodorov)
RGMW04 24th April 2015 N Curien Scaling limits of random planar maps and growth-fragmentations
RGMW04 24th April 2015 V Vargas Liouville Quantum gravity on Riemann surfaces
RGMW04 24th April 2015 O Angel Parabolic and Hyperbolic Unimodular maps
RGMW04 24th April 2015 L Addario-Berry Squarings of rectangles
RGMW04 23rd April 2015 N Sun The exact $k$-SAT threshold for large $k$
PEP 23rd April 2015 R Kuehn Spectra of Sample Auto-Covariance Matrices
RGMW04 23rd April 2015 I Manolescu Planar lattices do not recover from forest fires
RGMW04 23rd April 2015 H Lacoin Pinning and disorder relevance for the lattice Gaussian free field
RGMW04 23rd April 2015 Y Fyodorov Characterstic polynomials of random matrices and logarithmically correlated processes
RGMW04 23rd April 2015 A Nachmias The uniform spanning forest of planar graphs
RGMW04 22nd April 2015 O Gurel Gurevich Recurrence of planar graph limits
RGMW04 22nd April 2015 O Bernardi Differential equations for colored maps
PEP 22nd April 2015 V Tchoulaevski A short introduction into multi-particle Anderson localization (a mini-course)
RGMW04 22nd April 2015 G Borot Nesting statistics in the O(n) loop model on random lattices
RGMW04 22nd April 2015 G Schaeffer On classes of planar maps with $\alpha$-orientations having geometric interpretations
RGMW04 22nd April 2015 J-F Le Gall On the geometry of discrete and continuous random planar maps
RGMW04 21st April 2015 I Kortchemski Looptrees
RGMW04 21st April 2015 Z Li Self-avoiding Walk and Connective Constant
RGMW04 21st April 2015 K Kytölä A hidden quantum group for pure partition functions of multiple SLEs
RGMW04 21st April 2015 M Barlow Scaling limits of the uniform spanning tree
RGMW04 20th April 2015 G Ray Critical exponents in FK-weighted planar maps
RGMW04 20th April 2015 T Budd Scaling constants and the lazy peeling of infinite Boltzmann planar maps
RGMW04 20th April 2015 M Albenque Blossoming trees and the scaling limit of maps
RGMW04 20th April 2015 G Miermont Compact Brownian surfaces
PEP 15th April 2015 J You On the Generic Cantor Spectrum problem
PEP 14th April 2015 V Tchoulaevski A short introduction into multi-particle Anderson localization (a mini-course)
PEPW03 10th April 2015 M Voda On the Homogeneity of the Spectrum for Quasi-Periodic Schroedinger Operators
PEPW03 10th April 2015 J Fillman Homogeneous Spectrum for Limit-Periodic Operators
PEPW03 10th April 2015 S Zhang Spectral packing dimension for 1-dimensional quasiperiodic Schrodinger operators
PEPW03 10th April 2015 M Lukic The isospectral torus of quasi-periodic Schrodinger operators via periodic approximations
PEPW03 10th April 2015 A Gorodetski The Fibonacci Hamiltonian
PEPW03 10th April 2015 F Nakano Level statistics for 1-dimensional Schr\"odinger operator and beta-ensemble
PEPW03 10th April 2015 S Kotani Reflectionless property and related problems on 1D Schrödinger operators
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