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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-01-20
E.g., 2017-01-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
NPCW01 12th January 2017 David Hume Coarse negative curvature in action
NPCW01 12th January 2017 Petra Schwer Combinatorics of Coxeter groups and Affine Deligne Lusztig varieties
NPCW01 11th January 2017 Viktor Schroeder Boundaries and Moebius Geometry
OASW04 11th January 2017 Yasu Kawahigashi Subfactors, tensor categories and conformal field theory
NPCW01 11th January 2017 Bruno Duchesne Groups actions on dendrites
OASW04 11th January 2017 David Penneys Introduction to subfactor theory
NPCW01 11th January 2017 Urs Lang Group actions on spaces with a distinguished geodesic structure
NPCW01 11th January 2017 Jason Behrstock Random graphs and applications to Coxeter groups
NPCW01 11th January 2017 Alessandro Sisto Bounded cohomology of acylindrically hyperbolic groups via hyperbolically embedded subgroups
NPCW01 11th January 2017 Jingyin Huang Commensurability of groups quasi-isometric to RAAG's
NPCW01 10th January 2017 Robert Kropholler Hyperbolic groups and their subgroups
NPCW01 10th January 2017 Anthony Genevois Cubical-like geometry of graph products
NPCW01 10th January 2017 Nir Lazarovich Stallings folds for CAT(0) cube complexes and quasiconvex subgroups
NPCW01 10th January 2017 Daniel Woodhouse Understanding Tubular Groups
NPCW01 10th January 2017 Michah Sageev Uniform exponential growth for groups acting on CAT(0) square complexes
NPCW01 10th January 2017 Benjamin Beeker Cubical Accessibility and bounds on curves on surfaces.
NPCW01 9th January 2017 Camille Horbez Growth under automorphisms of hyperbolic groups
NPCW01 9th January 2017 Samuel Taylor Counting loxodromics for hyperbolic actions
NPCW01 9th January 2017 Richard Webb Polynomial-time Nielsen--Thurston type recognition
NPCW01 9th January 2017 Francois Dahmani The normal closure of a big Dehn twist in a mapping class group
NPCW01 9th January 2017 Pierre Py Cubulable Kähler groups
SNAW04 16th December 2016 Patrick Wolfe tba
SNAW04 16th December 2016 Pavel Krivitsky Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Networks using Egocentrically-Sampled Data
SNAW04 16th December 2016 Fengnan Gao On the Statistical Estimation of the Preferential Attachment Network Model
SNAW04 16th December 2016 Codina Cotar Edge- and vertex-reinforced random walks with super-linear reinforcement on infinite graphs
SNAW04 16th December 2016 Miklos Racz Finding and hiding the seed
SNAW04 16th December 2016 George Michailidis Vector Autoregressive based Network Models
SNAW04 15th December 2016 Catherine Matias Statistical clustering of temporal networks through a dynamic stochastic block model
SNAW04 15th December 2016 Peter Mörters The spread of infections on evolving scale-free networks
SNAW04 15th December 2016 Sharad Goel The Effect of Recommendations on Network Structure
SNAW04 15th December 2016 Hanna Wallach Bayesian Poisson Tensor Decomposition for International Relations
SNAW04 15th December 2016 Andrew Nobel Mining differential correlation
SNAW04 14th December 2016 Peter Orbanz Random walk models of network formation
SNAW04 14th December 2016 Sidney Resnick Multivariate power laws in a preferential attachment network model; model calibration
SNAW04 14th December 2016 Marianna Pensky Non-parametric methods for the dynamic stochastic block model and the time-dependent graphon
SNAW04 14th December 2016 Pierre Borgnat Networks as signals: Extraction of dynamical network structures
SNAW04 14th December 2016 Veronica Vinciotti Sparse Gaussian graphical models for dynamic gene regulatory networks
SNAW04 14th December 2016 Frank Granville Ball Epidemics on networks
SNAW04 13th December 2016 Harry Crane Markov process models for time-varying networks
SNAW04 13th December 2016 Stéphane Robin Detecting change-points in the structure of a network: Exact Bayesian inference
SNAW04 13th December 2016 Danielle Bassett Dynamic networks in the human brain
SNAW04 13th December 2016 Susan Holmes Study of the dynamics of bacterial communities in the Human Microbiome
SNAW04 13th December 2016 Maria Deijfen Birds of a feather or opposites attract - effects in network modelling
SNAW04 13th December 2016 Tom Britton A network epidemic model with preventive rewiring: comparative analysis of the initial phase
SNAW04 12th December 2016 Jeanette Janssen Recognizing graphs formed by spatial random processes
SNAW04 12th December 2016 Christian Borgs Graphons and Machine Learning: Modeling and Estimation of Sparse Massive Networks - Part II
SNAW04 12th December 2016 Jennifer Chayes Graphons and Machine Learning: Modeling and Estimation of Sparse Massive Networks - Part I
SNAW04 12th December 2016 Eric Kolaczyk Dynamic causal networks with multi-scale temporal structure
SNAW04 12th December 2016 Tom Snijders Continuous-time statistical models for network panel data
DLAW03 9th December 2016 Silvia Polettini Mixed effects models with covariates perturbed for SDC
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