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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-03-28
E.g., 2017-03-28
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Paul Milewski, Carlos Galeano-Rios Discrete Modelling of Wave-Droplet Dynamics
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 C. John Chapman Keller Cones in Aeroacoustics
OAS 2nd March 2017 Stephen Moore A generalization of the Temperley-Lieb algebra from restricted quantum sl2
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 Raymond Goldstein Hairodynamics
TGMW44 2nd March 2017 David Abrahams Welcome and Introduction
NPC 2nd March 2017 Romain Tessera A Banachic generalization of Shalom's property H_FD.
NPC 1st March 2017 Emmanuel Breuillard Approximate groups: an introduction
OAS 28th February 2017 Evgenios Kakariadis Semigroup actions on operator algebras
HTL 23rd February 2017 Cristina Ana-Maria Anghel Towards a homological model for the Colored Jones
OAS 23rd February 2017 Ivan Todorov Herz-Schur multipliers of dynamical systems
NPC 23rd February 2017 Anastasia Khukhro Geometry of finite quotients of groups.
NPC 22nd February 2017 Pierre Pansu 4. Lp-cohomology
OAS 21st February 2017 Denjoe O'Connor Membrane Matrix Models and non-perturbative tests of gauge/gravity
HTL 16th February 2017 Lukas Lewark The Seifert form's optimal bounds for slice genera
OAS 16th February 2017 Stefano Rossi Endomorphisms and automorphisms of the 2-adic ring C*-algebra Q_2
NPC 16th February 2017 Rémi Coulon Monster groups acting on CAT(0) spaces
OAS 14th February 2017 Masaki Izumi Indecomposable characters of infinite dimensional groups associated with operator algebras
HTL 9th February 2017 Marco Golla Correction terms and the non-orientable 4-genus
OAS 9th February 2017 Vincenzo Morinelli Conformal covariance and the split property
NPC 9th February 2017 Alessandro Sisto Quasi-flats in hierarchically hyperbolic spaces
OAS 7th February 2017 Yoh Tanimoto Free products in AQFT
HTLW02 3rd February 2017 Gordana Matic Filtering the Heegaard Floer contact invariant
HTLW02 3rd February 2017 John Baldwin Stein fillings and SU(2) representations
HTLW02 3rd February 2017 Jen Hom Knot concordance in homology spheres
HTLW02 3rd February 2017 Matthew Stoffregen Pin(2)-equivariant Floer homology and homology cobordism
HTLW02 3rd February 2017 Ciprian Manolescu Floer homology and covering spaces
HTLW02 2nd February 2017 Brendan Owens A Gordon-Litherland form for ribbon surfaces
HTLW02 2nd February 2017 Duncan McCoy Characterizing slopes for torus knots
HTLW02 2nd February 2017 Michel Boileau 3-manifold groups epimorphisms and rigidity
NPC 2nd February 2017 Eric Swenson On infinite torsion subgroups of CAT(0) groups
HTLW02 2nd February 2017 Steven Boyer Branched covers of quasipositive links and L-spaces
HTLW02 2nd February 2017 Tali Pinsky On tunnel number one knots with lens space surgeries
NPC 1st February 2017 Pierre Pansu 3. Lp-cohomology
HTLW02 1st February 2017 John Luecke Boundary-reducing surgeries and bridge number
HTLW02 1st February 2017 Ken Baker Constructions of asymmetric L-space knots
HTLW02 1st February 2017 Yi Ni Null surgery on knots in L-spaces
HTLW02 31st January 2017 Scott Morrison The Temperley-Lieb category in operator algebras and in link homology
OAS 31st January 2017 Scott Morrison The Temperley-Lieb category in operator algebras and in link homology
HTLW02 31st January 2017 Andras Juhasz Cobordism maps in knot Floer homology
HTLW02 31st January 2017 Masakazu Teragaito Generalized torsion elements and bi-orderability of 3-manifold groups
HTLW02 31st January 2017 Yoav Moriah Diagram Uniqueness for Highly Twisted Plats
HTLW02 31st January 2017 Ana Lecuona Slopes, colored links and Kojima's eta concordance invariant
HTLW02 30th January 2017 Sarah Rasmussen L-space surgeries on iterated satellites by torus links
HTLW02 30th January 2017 Nathan Dunfield Floer homology, group orders, and taut foliations of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
HTLW02 30th January 2017 Marc Lackenby The complexity of unknot recognition
HTLW02 30th January 2017 Stefan Friedl Polytope invariants of groups and manifolds
OASW01 27th January 2017 David Penneys Operator algebras in rigid C*-tensor categories, part II
OASW01 27th January 2017 Henry Tucker Eigenvalues of rotations and braids in spherical fusion categories
OASW01 27th January 2017 Noah Snyder Trivalent Categories
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