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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-09-20
E.g., 2017-09-20
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Erik Almkvist Different ice observation methods in marine operations
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Robert Bridges Sea ice research - needs and gaps
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Daniela Flocco Modeling Arctic melt ponds
SIPW01 14th September 2017 Andrew Wells Models of multi-scale and multi-phase sea ice thermodynamics
SIPW01 13th September 2017 Pat Langhorne Changes to sea ice thickness distribution due to Ice Shelf Water
SIPW01 13th September 2017 Dirk Notz When is all the sea ice gone?
SIPW01 13th September 2017 Andrew Roberts Modeling macro-porosity of ridged sea ice in basin-scale models
SIPW01 13th September 2017 Ian Eisenman Sea ice stability and rapid retreat
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Noa Kraitzman Advection enhanced diffusion processes
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Konrad Simon Flow-induced Coordinates for Transient Advection-Diffusion Equations with Multiple Scales
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Christian Samspon Effective Rheology and Wave Propagation in the Marginal Ice Zone
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Sukun Cheng A viscoelastic model for wave propagation in the marginal ice zone
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Wieslaw Maslowski Sensitivity of Arctic sea ice state to model parameter space, resolved processes and climate coupling
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Daniel Feltham Sea ice model physics: in search of fidelity
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Martin Vancoppenolle A compilation of research and thoughts on the future of sea ice models.
SIPW01 12th September 2017 Vernon Squire Marginal Ice Zone Evolution due to Wave-Induced Breaking
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Elizabeth Hunke Rothschild Lecture: Large-scale sea ice modeling: societal needs and community development
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Courtenay Strong Filling the polar data gap with harmonic functions
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Christopher Horvat Floe size and ice thickness distributions
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Veronique Dansereau A new continuum rheological model for the deformation and drift of sea ice
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Agnieszka Herman Discrete-element models of sea ice dynamics and fracture
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Ken Golden Linking scales in the sea ice system
SIPW01 11th September 2017 Donald K. Perovich Small to big, quick to slow: The many scales of sea ice properties and processes
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Tammy Riklin raviv Variational Methods to Image Segmentation
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Martin Holler Total Generalized Variation for Manifold-valued Data
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Thomas Vogt Optimal Transport-Based Total Variation for Functional Lifting and Q-Ball Imaging
TGMW43 8th September 2017 Lunch and Finish
TGMW43 8th September 2017 Alex Lips Open Discussion and Wrap-Up
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Olga Veksler Adaptive and Move Making Auxiliary Cuts for Binary Pairwise Energies
TGMW43 8th September 2017 Olivier Pouliquen Rheology of Dense Suspensions
TGMW43 8th September 2017 Bob Behringer How Can Grains Jam Under Shear?
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Pierre Weiss Estimation of linear operators from scattered impulse responses
TGMW43 8th September 2017 Suzanne Fielding Edge Fracture in Complex Fluids
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Michael Unser Representer theorems for ill-posed inverse problems: Tikhonov vs. generalized total-variation regularization
TGMW43 8th September 2017 Ron Larson Wormlike Micelle Rheology
VMVW01 8th September 2017 Mila Nikolova Alternating proximal gradient descent for nonconvex regularised problems with multiconvex coupling terms
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Poster session and networking
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Miguel Pineda Elevator Pitch: Modelling the Collective Response of Heterogeneous Cells Populations to Stationary Gradients and Chemical Signal Relay
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Piermarco Fonda Elevator Pitch: Modelling Phase Separation on Artificial Closed Lipid Membranes
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Shmuel Rubinstein Elevator Pitch: How Strong is a Soda Can: The Stability Landscape of Cylindrical Shells
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Rahul Chacko Elevator Pitch: Vorticity Banding in Dense Suspensions
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Jens Winkelmann Elevator Pitch: 2D Foams Above the Jamming Transition: Deformation Matters
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Tomer Markovich Elevator Pitch: Complex Fluids with Charge-Regulated Mobile Macro-Molecules
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Nicholas Tito Elevator Pitch: Self-Consistent Field Lattice Model for Polymer Networks
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Elena Patyukova Elevator Pitch: Hydrogen-Bonding Aggregation of Acrylamide: Theory and Experiment
VMVW01 7th September 2017 Christian Clason Convex regularization of discrete-valued inverse problems
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Jean-François Joanny Toward a Physical Description of Biological Tissues
GFS 7th September 2017 Jacques Dumais Deconstructing Tip Growth Morphogenesis
VMVW01 7th September 2017 Audrey Repetti Joint imaging and calibration using non-convex optimization
TGMW43 7th September 2017 Cait MacPhee Bacterial "Hydrophobins": A New Class of 'Smart' Switchable Surface-Active Proteins
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