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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2018-06-27
E.g., 2018-06-27
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GMR 6th December 2005 P Chrusciel The classification of static electrovacuum black holes
PFD 6th December 2005 S Kalliadasis Three-dimensional wave dynamics in falling liquid films: formation of lattices of interacting stationary solitary pulses
5th December 2005 R Bartnik Do we really understand strong cosmic censorship?
GMR 2nd December 2005 H Friedrich On the convergence of certain expansions at space-like infinity of asymptotically flat, static vacuum solutions
GMR 1st December 2005 E Winstanley The abundant richness of Einstein-Yang-Mills
PFD 1st December 2005 M Proctor Modulational instabilities due to strong spatial resonances
GMR 29th November 2005 D Petroff The extreme distortion of black holes due to matter
GMR 29th November 2005 JM Heinzle Static perfect fluid models - a dynamical systems approach
PFD 29th November 2005 E Martin Viscous mean flows in nearly inviscid Faraday waves
GMR 28th November 2005 R Beig On the motion of a compact elastic body
GMRW09 23rd November 2005 M Dunajski Anti-self-dual conformal structures with null Killing vectors
GMRW09 22nd November 2005 E Ferapontov Hydrodynamic reductions of multi-dimensional dispersionless PDEs: the test for integrability
GMRW09 22nd November 2005 RS Ward Periodic instantons \& monopoles in gauge theory (and gravity)
GMRW09 22nd November 2005 D Korotkin Isomonodromic tau-functions on Hurwitz spaces and their applications
PFD 22nd November 2005 A Champneys Localised pattern formation
21st November 2005 V Moncrief Curvature propagation in general relativity
GMRW09 21st November 2005 R Meinel Quasi-stationary routes to the Kerr black hole
GMRW09 21st November 2005 GA Alekseev Integrable reductions of Einstein's field equations: monodromy transform and the linear integral equation methods
GMRW09 21st November 2005 LJ Mason The twistor theory of the Ernst Equation
GMR 18th November 2005 JL Flores A new development of the causal boundary of spacetimes
GMR 17th November 2005 A Ishibashi Asymptotic flatness at null infinity in higher dimensional gravity
PFD 17th November 2005 P Matthews Conservation laws, large-scale modes and localised patterns
GMR 16th November 2005 P Blue Decay and the conformal energy of waves around the Schwarzschild black hole
GMR 15th November 2005 S Hollands Asymptotically AdS-spacetimes
PFD 15th November 2005 A Dias Hopf bifurcation on hemispheres
GMR 14th November 2005 J Valiente Kroon Time asymmetric spacetimes near null and spatial infinity
GMR 11th November 2005 C Rovelli Discussions on n-point functions in non-perturbative quantum gravity
GMR 10th November 2005 C Rovelli Definition of n-point function in nonperturbative quantum gravity and low energy limit of the loop-spin foam formalism
PFD 10th November 2005 I Melbourne A new perspective on resonance in Hopf bifurcation from relative equilibria
GMR 9th November 2005 A Perez The representation ambiguity in loop quantum gravity
GMR 8th November 2005 J Barrett Spin foam quantum gravity
PFD 8th November 2005 D Lloyd Nucleation of localised patterns in the 2D Swift-Hohenberg equation
GMRW04 7th November 2005 R Penrose Before the big bang? A new perspective on the Weyl curvature hypothesis
GMRW04 7th November 2005 K Danzmann Gravitational wave astronomy: The large detectors are going into operation!
GMRW04 7th November 2005 A Ashtekar Quantum riemannian geometry and its ramifications
GMR 4th November 2005 T Thiemann The master constraint programme for loop quantum gravity
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