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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2017-07-27
E.g., 2017-07-27
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
MSIW03 11th November 2004 Discussion led by PH Diamond (UCSD) Transport and transport barriers in the tachocline
MSIW03 11th November 2004 GI Ogilvie Angular momentum transport by magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
MSIW03 10th November 2004 Discussion led by PS Cally (Monash, Melbourne)
MSIW03 10th November 2004 DW Hughes Magnetic buoyancy instabilities and shear in the tachocline
MSIW03 10th November 2004 PA Gilman Hydrodynamic and magnetohydrodynamic instabilities in the tachocline
MSIW03 9th November 2004 Discussion led by HC Spruit (MPA, Garching)
MSIW03 9th November 2004 MS Miesch Turbulence in the tachocline
MSIW03 9th November 2004 PH Haynes Shellular turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere
MSIW03 9th November 2004 Discussion led by NO Weiss (DAMTP, Cambridge)
MSIW03 9th November 2004 K Petrovay & E Forgacs-Dajka Dynamics of the fast solar tachocline
QIS 9th November 2004 A Winter Aspects of generic entanglement
MSIW03 9th November 2004 ME McIntyre Solar tachocline dynamics
MSIW03 9th November 2004 P Garaud Magnetic confinement of the tachocline
MSIW03 8th November 2004 Discussion led by MJ Thompson (Sheffield) Interactions between theory and observations
MSIW03 8th November 2004 JP Zahn Theoretical issues raised by the tachocline
MSIW03 8th November 2004 Panel discussion of the observations led by J Christensen-Dalsgaard (Aarhus)
MSIW03 8th November 2004 DO Gough Review of observational results
QIS 5th November 2004 A Harrow Quantum circuits for the Schur transform
QIS 4th November 2004 M Koashi Security of quantum key distribution using coherent states
MSI 4th November 2004 AD Gilbert Passive scalar decay in simple mappings
QIS 2nd November 2004 CH Bennett The reverse Shannon theorem
MSI 2nd November 2004 M Rieutord Towards two-dimensional stellar models: a non-perturbative approach to rapidly rotating stars
QIS 28th October 2004 R Jozsa An introduction to measurement-based quantum computation
MSI 28th October 2004 K Subramanian Helicity and helicity fluxes in turbulent dynamos
QIS 26th October 2004 A Sudbery Quantum Bell inequalities (the quantum marginal problem)
MSI 26th October 2004 E Knobloch Long dynamo waves
25th October 2004 R Rosner Burning Stars in One's Office
QIS 21st October 2004 R Cleve Entangled Provers
MSI 21st October 2004 R Hollerbach Dynamics associated with the inner core tangent cylinder
QIS 19th October 2004 MB Ruskai Recent progress on additivity and multiplicativity channels
MSI 19th October 2004 GI Ogilvie Dynamical tides and wave attractors in rotating fluid bodies
MSIW02 15th October 2004 J Hawley The magneto-rotational instability (Chair: A Ruzmaikin)
MSIW02 15th October 2004 A Ferrari AMR simulations of supersonic magnetized jet acceleration from accretion discs (Chair: A Ruzmaikin)
MSIW02 15th October 2004 MA Aloy Short and long term simulations of relativistic magnetized jets (Chair: A Ruzmaikin)
MSIW02 15th October 2004 G Bodo Simulations of astrophysical jets (Chair: A Ruzmaikin)
MSIW02 14th October 2004 DS Balsara Amplification of interstellar magnetic fields by supernova-driven turbulence (Chair: NE Hurlburt)
MSIW02 14th October 2004 T Gardiner A new CT-Godunov MHD algorithm with application to the MRI (Chair: NE Hurlburt)
MSIW02 14th October 2004 S Falle A numerical scheme for multi-fluid MHD (Chair: NE Hurlburt)
MSIW02 14th October 2004 T Linde Non-ideal MHD and beyond (Chair: NE Hurlburt)
MSIW02 14th October 2004 A Brandenburg Large scale simulations of astrophysical turbulence (Chair: PH Diamond)
QIS 14th October 2004 J Smolin The Pangloss Universe
MSIW02 14th October 2004 R Keppens Grid-adaptive simulations of magnetized jet flows (Chair: PH Diamond)
MSIW02 14th October 2004 H Isobe 3D simulation of emerging flux and magnetic reconnection using the Earth Simulator (Chair: PH Diamond)
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