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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-06-30
E.g., 2016-06-30
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title Presentation Material
GTAW01 30th June 2016 Christopher White The classical double copy
GTAW01 30th June 2016 Peter Goddard Solving the Scattering Equations
GTAW01 30th June 2016 Yvonne Geyer Two-loop Integrands from the Riemann Sphere
GTAW01 30th June 2016 Ricardo Monteiro One Loop Integrands for Scattering Amplitudes from the Riemann Sphere
GTAW01 30th June 2016 Emil Bjerrum-Bohr String Theory, Scattering Equations and Analytic Gluon Amplitudes
GTAW01 29th June 2016 Rutger Boels Squaring relations from on-shell constraints
GTAW01 29th June 2016 John Joseph Carrasco Efficiency=Geometry? Decoding the DNA of prediction in gauge, gravity, and effective field theories.
GTAW01 29th June 2016 Kellogg Stelle Black Holes and Higher Derivatives in Gravity
GTAW01 29th June 2016 Radu Silviu Roiban tba
GTAW01 29th June 2016 Arthur Lipstein On-Shell Diagrams for N = 8 Supergravity Amplitudes
GTAW01 29th June 2016 Bobby Acharya Geometry, Particle Physics and singular G2-manifolds
GTAW01 28th June 2016 Yannick Herfray A 6d interpretation of 3d gravity
GTAW01 28th June 2016 Simon Salamon Twistor analysis of a parabola
GTAW01 28th June 2016 Thomas Walpuski G₂–instantons over twisted connected sums
GTAW01 28th June 2016 Andriy Haydys G2-instantons and Seiberg-Witten monopoles
GTAW01 28th June 2016 Lorenzo Foscolo ALC G2 manifolds
GTAW01 27th June 2016 Dmitri Panov Circle-invariant definite connections and symplectic Fano 6-manifolds
GTAW01 27th June 2016 Bruno Premoselli Non-compactness of initial data sets in high dimensions.
GTAW01 27th June 2016 Yong Wei Laplacian flow for closed G_2-structures
GTAW01 27th June 2016 Bernd Ammann Ricci-flat manifolds and a spinorial flow
SDBW04 24th June 2016 David Holcman Analysis of electrodiffusion in dendritic spines for synaptic transmission
SDBW04 24th June 2016 Assaf Amitai Changes in local chromatin structure during homology search: effects of local contacts on search time
GTA 24th June 2016 Tim Adamo Perturbative gauge theory and gravity with cosmological constant
SDBW04 24th June 2016 Heinz Koeppl Statistical inference of single-cell and single-molecule dynamics
SDBW04 24th June 2016 Paul Bressloff Diffusion in randomly switching environments
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Jonathan Wattis Dynamics of telomere loss and telomere clustering
GTA 23rd June 2016 Lionel Mason tba
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Lei Zhang Noise Attenuation during the Development of Spatial Pattern
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Julien Berro Quantitative approaches to unravel the molecular mechanisms of clathrin-mediated endocytosis
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Ruth Baker tbaCell biology processes: model building and validation using quantitative data
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Scott McKinley Anomalous Diffusion and Random Encounters in Living Systems
GTA 23rd June 2016 Chris Hull Double Field Theory
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Denis Grebenkov Rigorous results on first-passage times for surface-mediated diffusion
SDBW04 23rd June 2016 Jun Allard Clustering of cell surface receptors: Simulating the mesoscale between reaction-diffusion and atomistic scales
GTA 22nd June 2016 Marcus Spradlin The Cluster Bootstrap for Scattering Amplitudes
SDBW04 22nd June 2016 Erik De Schutter Accurate Reaction-Diffusion Operator Splitting on Tetrahedral Meshes for Parallel Stochastic Molecular Simulations
SDBW04 22nd June 2016 Kit Yates Developing PDE-compartment hybrid frameworks for modeling stochastic reaction-diffusion processes
GTA 22nd June 2016 Anastasia Volovich Landau Singularities and Cluster Structure in Scattering Amplitudes
SDBW04 22nd June 2016 Zaida Luthey-Schulten Simulations of Cellular Processes: From Single Cells to Colonies
SDBW04 22nd June 2016 Tom Chou Path integral-based Bayesian inference of bond energy and mobility
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Yannis Kevrekidis Rothschild Lecture: Mathematics for data-driven modeling - The science of crystal balls
GTA 21st June 2016 Kirill Krasnov 7D lift of 4D gravity
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Kevin Sanft Spatial simulation and analysis of actin filament dynamics and wave propagation
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Andrew Rutenberg Models of Microtubule Acetylation
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Avrama Blackwell Computationally efficient simulation of signaling pathways underlying synaptic plasticity
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Frank Noe Interacting-Particle Reaction-Diffusion Simulations: Endocytosis
GTA 21st June 2016 Joel Fine 4D gravity via connections
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Konstantinos Spiliopoulos Metastability and Monte Carlo Methods for Multiscale Problems
SDBW04 21st June 2016 Aleksandar Donev Fast Reactive Brownian Dynamics
SDBW04 20th June 2016 Ramon Grima Exact and approximate solutions for spatial stochastic models of biochemical systems
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