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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-08-25
E.g., 2016-08-25
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
IGS 2nd December 2003 G Grimmett Positive/negative correlation and random-cluster
GPF 2nd December 2003 A Hogg The effects of drag on dam-break flows
GPF 2nd December 2003 PR Nott The rheology of slow, dense granular flows
GPF 28th November 2003 J-N Roux Geometry and mechanics of frictionless or frictional disk and sphere packings
IGS 27th November 2003 E Pechersky Uniqueness criterion for Gibbs fields with non-compact spin-space
GPF 27th November 2003 DV Khakhar Granular flows in rotating cylinders
GPF 26th November 2003 H Shen Accounting of two-phase flow conservation laws
IGS 25th November 2003 M Penrose Random sequential deposition onto graphs
GPF 24th November 2003 V Chugunov Exact solutions of the Hutter-Savage model for the motion of granular materials
IGS 20th November 2003 L Bogachev Limit laws for sums of random exponentials
GPF 19th November 2003 I Chubarenko Seasonal salinity increase in the vistula lagoon; impact of ice formation
GPF 19th November 2003 S Noelle TVD schemes applied to geophysical flows
GPF 19th November 2003 J Hinch The viscosity of a fluidised bed
IGS 18th November 2003 G Molchan Unilateral small deviations for some selfsimilar Gaussian processes
GPFW03 17th November 2003 Discussion
GPFW03 17th November 2003 A Stuart Multiple particle statistics for inertial particles in a random field
GPFW03 17th November 2003 W Ehlers From particle dynamics to continuous media
GPFW03 17th November 2003 F Bouchut Well balanced finite volume methods for depth-integrated granular flow models, including topography and friction
GPFW03 17th November 2003 C Thornton DEM yesterday, DEM today, DEM tomorrow
GPF 14th November 2003 J Hinch Fluctuations in sedimentation and the spreading of the front
IGS 13th November 2003 A Erschler Poisson boundary and entropy for random walks on groups
IGS 13th November 2003 S Foss Renovation and limit theorems for a class of stochastic ordered graphs
GPF 13th November 2003 J Davidson The motion of granular material in a rotating cylinder
IGS 11th November 2003 J Yukich Random interfaces in ballistic deposition
GPF 10th November 2003 E Clement Erosion patterns in a sediment layer
GPF 10th November 2003 J Hinch Ripple formation in an oscillating flow of a viscous liquid
TRBW01 7th November 2003 General discussion \& closure
TRBW01 7th November 2003 A Hutton Selection of models for turbulence prediction and future directions for practical guidelines
TRBW01 7th November 2003 JCR Hunt & MA Savill A roadmap for turbulence prediction methods
TRBW01 7th November 2003 WP Jones Advanced methods for turbulent combustion
TRBW01 7th November 2003 MW Reeks Closure models for dispersed systems
TRBW01 7th November 2003 D Hills Industrial applications I
TRBW01 7th November 2003 Lunch at the Newton Institute
TRBW01 7th November 2003 C Cambon Future developments of closure models
TRBW01 7th November 2003 ND Sandham LES and DNS models
TRBW01 7th November 2003 BE Launder RANS models with particular reference to buoyant flows
TRBW01 7th November 2003 P Durbin The generic features of turbulent closures
TRBW01 7th November 2003 JC Vassilicos & GF Hewitt Introduction \& welcome
IGS 6th November 2003 AM Vershik Random matrices and random metric spaces
IGS 4th November 2003 T Funaki Zero temperature limit for interacting Brownian particles
GPFW02 31st October 2003 M Schmeeckle Synchronous high-speed measurement of near-bed turbulent flow \& particle entrainment from a granular bed
GPFW02 31st October 2003 W Long Discussion on two-phase boundary layer sediment transport model
GPFW02 31st October 2003 C Campbell Elastic granular flows
GPFW02 31st October 2003 S Dartevelle Multiphase modelling of geophysical granular gravity currents. Pyroclastic flow dynamic and depositional processes
GPFW02 31st October 2003 D McClung The slab avalanche as a self-organised critical phenomenon
GPFW02 31st October 2003 SP Pudasaini & SS Hsiau & K Hutter Free-surface motion of avalanches over natural terrains \& PIV-measurements for flows down curved chutes
GPF 31st October 2003 HJ Herrmann Ratcheting and rotations in shear bands and polydisperse packings
GPFW02 31st October 2003 J Rajchenbach Nucleation \& growth of dry grain avalanches
GPF 31st October 2003 R Blumenfeld Force transmission in marginally rigid granular materials
GPFW02 31st October 2003 C Ancey The rheophysical approach in the study of natural gravity-driven flows
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