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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-06-04
E.g., 2016-06-04
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
CMPW03 16th December 2002 B Voecking Pricing equilibria for a congestion game with incomplete information
CMPW03 16th December 2002 B von Stengel Games and computation
NSTW04 16th December 2002 G Nishida A note on Hopkins-Kuhn-Ravenel character Talk being held in the CMS - Wolfson Room
CMPW03 16th December 2002 F Kelly Congestion pricing and capacity expansion games
NSTW04 13th December 2002 Discussion Session
NSTW04 13th December 2002 M Weiss Cohomology of the stable mapping class group
NSTW04 13th December 2002 J Morava Complex orientations and Motivic Galois theory
NSTW04 13th December 2002 M Ando Elliptic genera and Thom classes
NSTW04 12th December 2002 B Totaro The elliptic genus of a singular variety
NSTW04 12th December 2002 C Rezk Hecke operators and logarithmic cohomology operations
NSTW04 12th December 2002 G Laures K(1)-local topological modular forms, the Witten orientation and E_\infty cellular structures
NSTW04 12th December 2002 N Strickland Equivariant veresion of elliptic spectra
NSTW04 11th December 2002 V Gorbounov Gerbes of chiral differential operators
NSTW04 11th December 2002 G Moore On the M-theory action on a manifold with boundary
NSTW04 11th December 2002 D Freed Loop groups and twisted K-theory
NSTW04 11th December 2002 J Greenlees Algebraic groups and equivariant cohomology theories
NSTW04 10th December 2002 G Mason Orbifold conformal field theory and cohomology of the monster
CMP 10th December 2002 J van den Heuvel Cyclic colourings and distant 2-colourings of planar graphs
NSTW04 10th December 2002 G Segal What is an elliptic object?
NSTW04 10th December 2002 P Goerss The tangent complex for the moduli stack of formal groups
NSTW04 10th December 2002 I Grojnowski Hilbert schemes and integrable system: the cohomology ring of a compactification of configuration space
NSTW04 9th December 2002 S Stolz The spinor bundle on the free loop space
NSTW04 9th December 2002 J Rognes Two-vector bundles and elliptic objects
NSTW04 9th December 2002 MJ Hopkins Topological aspects of elliptic cohomology
NSTW04 9th December 2002 Registration
NST 5th December 2002 J Rognes Algebraic K-theory of topological K-theory
NST 5th December 2002 AJ Baker Minimal atomic complexes
CMP 3rd December 2002 C Goldschmidt Stochastic process methods in the analysis of random hypergraphs
NST 28th November 2002 J McCleary Hochschild homology and closed geodesics
NST 28th November 2002 G Mislin The Bass conjecture and acyclic groups
CMP 26th November 2002 M Dyer Markov chains for contingency tables with few rows
25th November 2002 S Lichtenbaum Special values of zeta-functions
NST 21st November 2002 JF Jardine Higher order stacks
CMP 19th November 2002 E Vigoda Non-Markovian coupling
NST 14th November 2002 N Strickland Equivariant formal groups
CMP 12th November 2002 D Randall Simulated tempering: fast or slow?
11th November 2002 D Ravenel What is elliptic cohomology?
NST 7th November 2002 JPC Greenlees Rational torus-equivariant cohomology theories
NST 6th November 2002 VP Snaith Euler characteristics of nearly perfect complexes
NST 31st October 2002 R De Jeu The rank conjecture for fields, and higher Chow groups
NST 31st October 2002 M Ando Guises of the second Chern class: the circle-equivariant sigma orientation
CMP 29th October 2002 L Stougie On-line optimisation
28th October 2002 J Steif An overview of certain phase transitions
NST 24th October 2002 M Anton General linear group homology
NST 24th October 2002 M Hovey The structure of E$(n)_*E(n)$ comodules
CMP 23rd October 2002 A Lukacs Generating random group elements
21st October 2002 WG Dwyer Lie groups and their classifying spaces
NST 17th October 2002 D Ravenel The status of the telescope conjecture
NST 17th October 2002 B Shipley K-theory and derived equivalences
CMP 15th October 2002 J van den Berg Self-destructive percolation
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