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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-08-28
E.g., 2016-08-28
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
GPFW02 27th October 2003 M Branney Sedimentary record of changes between granular fluid-based \& fully dilute pyroclastic density currents
GPFW02 27th October 2003 T Druitt Pyroclastic flows as shearing fluidised systems
GPFW02 27th October 2003 S Sparks Concentrated particulate flows in geological systems
GPF 24th October 2003 S Faria Force chains in ice, a connection with granular media?
IGS 23rd October 2003 S Shlosman Poisson hypothesis for large information networks
IGS 21st October 2003 J van den Berg Forest fires and self-organised criticality
GPF 20th October 2003 I Collins The thermomechanical approach to constitutive relations for clays and sands
GPF 20th October 2003 JV Matthews Granular flow through a non-axisymmetric hopper
GPF 20th October 2003 P Gremaud Numerical challenges in granular flow
GPF 20th October 2003 N Gray Shock waves, dead zones and particle free regions in rapid granular avalanches
GPF 20th October 2003 MA Koenders The role of fluctuations in the mechanics of granular materials
GPF 20th October 2003 J Jenkins Two-point boundary-value problems for granular and particle-laden flows
IGS 16th October 2003 A Veretennikov On ergodic measures for McKean-Vlasov equations
GPF 16th October 2003 B Laurent Characterisation of granular flow in stirred tanks
GPF 15th October 2003 S Alexandrov Singular solutions in plasticity
GPF 15th October 2003 AJM Spencer Double-shearing theory of granular flow-theory and applications
GPF 15th October 2003 RP Behringer Granular systems on a substrate: friction and clustering
IGS 14th October 2003 S Zuyev Variational analysis for functionals of measures and Poisson random fields
GPF 14th October 2003 RP Behringer Horizontally shaken granular materials: a test of Coulomb friction models
GPF 14th October 2003 RP Behringer Diffusion, mobility and granular temperature
GPF 13th October 2003 RP Behringer Shearing, jamming, and granular phase transitions
GPF 13th October 2003 RP Behringer Force transmission and fluctuations in dense granular materials
IGS 9th October 2003 N Tsilevich Poisson-Gauss correspondence and orthogonal decompositions
GPF 9th October 2003 S Edwards Fluctuations and dynamics
GPF 8th October 2003 S Edwards What are the stress equations for hard, rough jammed grains?
IGS 7th October 2003 D Ioffe Stability of interfaces and stochastic dynamics in the regime of partial wetting
GPF 7th October 2003 V Kumaran Vibrated granular materials
GPF 7th October 2003 M Foster Dusty gases
6th October 2003 A Acrivos Particle segregation in rimming flows of viscous suspensions. Variations on a theme of Brooke Benjamin and Bill Pritchard
GPF 6th October 2003 S Edwards Can statistical mechanics be used in granular systems
GPF 3rd October 2003 A Acrivos The role of shear-induced diffusion in modelling suspension flows
IGS 2nd October 2003 E Bolthausen On a non-hierarchical version of the generalised random energy model
GPF 2nd October 2003 A Acrivos The microstructure \& stochastic behaviour of non-Brownian spheres in sheared suspensions
IGS 30th September 2003 R Minlos Spectral properties of the "birth-death" model
29th September 2003 JR Rice Granular flows and earthquake faulting
GPFW01 26th September 2003 PM Reis Gases, liquids, and crystals in granular segregation
GPFW01 26th September 2003 PG Eshuis Granular leidenfrost phenomenon: density inversion in a granular gas
GPFW01 26th September 2003 J Brujic Measurements of the Force Distribution in a Compressed Emulsion
GPFW01 26th September 2003 M Cates Flow and arrest of dense colloidal suspensions
GPFW01 26th September 2003 N Taberlet A super-stable granular heap in a thin channel
GPFW01 26th September 2003 MA Aguirre Avalanche onset on a 2D granular packing: preliminary results
GPFW01 26th September 2003 K-Y Yoon Segregation of binary mixtures in steady inclined flows
GPFW01 26th September 2003 W Losert Particle segregation in rotating cylinders
GPFW01 26th September 2003 H Shen Dry shear flows
GPFW01 25th September 2003 P Vollmoeller Influence of bed-friction effects in saturated granular flows: A Numerical Experiment
GPFW01 25th September 2003 D Fenistein Experimental observations of shear bands
GPFW01 25th September 2003 C Thornton An examination of shear bands by discrete particle simulations
GPFW01 25th September 2003 I Vardoulakis Stress-dilatancy hypothesis revisited
IGS 25th September 2003 F Goetze Asymptotic approximations for spectral distributions
GPFW01 25th September 2003 S Faria Granular media modelled as mixtures with continuous diversity
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