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Seminar Archive

E.g., 2016-06-01
E.g., 2016-06-01
Event Code Date Speaker Seminar Title
NSTW01 9th September 2002 JP May Operadic, $A_\infty$ and n-categories (1)
NSTW01 9th September 2002 PG Goerss Obstruction theory for structured ring spectra (1)
NSTW01 9th September 2002 WG Dwyer Localizations \& homotopy theory of diagrams (1)
CMPW02 6th September 2002 M Karonski On graph irregularity strength
CMPW02 6th September 2002 R Darling Phase transitions in hypergraph processes
CMPW02 6th September 2002 J Kahn On phase transition in the hard-core model on $Z^d$
CMPW02 6th September 2002 B Bollobás Scale-free random graphs
CMPW02 6th September 2002 A Stacey Percolation on finite graphs
CMPW02 5th September 2002 N Fountoulakis On the structure of the giant component of spares random graphs
CMPW02 5th September 2002 J Kempe Quantum random walks
CMPW02 5th September 2002 C McDiarmid Random channel assignment problems
CMPW02 5th September 2002 A Taraz Colouring random graphs in expected polynomial time
CMPW02 4th September 2002 D Stark Information loss in top to random shuffling
CMPW02 4th September 2002 E Mossel Mixing times of the biased card shuffling and the asymmetric exclusion process
CMPW02 3rd September 2002 C Cooper The size of the cores of random hypergraphs with a given degree sequence
CMPW02 3rd September 2002 C Greenhill Generalised acyclic edge colourings of random regular graphs
CMPW02 3rd September 2002 A Scott Independent sets, lattice gases and the Lovasz Local Lemma
CMPW02 3rd September 2002 M Penrose Random geometric graphs: cliques \& giant components
CMPW02 2nd September 2002 S Janson Upper tails for subgraph counts in random graphs
CMPW02 2nd September 2002 M Luczak Martingale inequalities and the asymptotic behaviour of large communication networks
CMPW02 2nd September 2002 M Krivelevich Colouring problems in random graphs
CMPW02 30th August 2002 A Soshnikov On the largest eigenvalue of a random subgroup of the hypercube
CMPW02 30th August 2002 O Hryniv Trees, walks and critical prewetting
CMPW02 30th August 2002 Y Suhov SOS and hard core models on a Cayley tree
CMPW02 30th August 2002 P Chassaing Random quadrangulations and Brownian Snake
CMPW02 29th August 2002 Y Stamatiou How to prove conditional randomness
CMPW02 29th August 2002 J-B Son Spectral gap and log-Sobolev constant for balanced matroids
CMPW02 29th August 2002 K Eloranta Archimedean ice
CMPW02 29th August 2002 E Vigoda Phase transitions on trees and rapid mixing of Glauber dynamics on high-girth graphs
CMPW02 28th August 2002 B Pittel Phase diagram for the constrained integer partitioning problem
CMPW02 28th August 2002 D Galvin Homomorphisms from the Hamming cube to Z
CMPW02 27th August 2002 P Tetali Subgaussian constant and concentration inequalities
CMPW02 27th August 2002 A Thomason The extremal structure of graph minors
CMPW02 27th August 2002 A Stacey Percolation on finite graphs
CMPW02 27th August 2002 G Grimmett Nearly solved models in statistical mechanics
CMPW02 27th August 2002 Registration
FMS 23rd August 2002 Bell Session
FMS 22nd August 2002 D Levine Force chains
FMS 22nd August 2002 O Harlen Bubble growth in viscoelastic fluids
FMS 22nd August 2002 P Sollich & M Cates Tensorial soft glassy rheology
FMS 21st August 2002 A Liu Effective temperature of sheared foam
FMS 21st August 2002 K Brakke Evolver tutorial for advanced users
FMS 21st August 2002 RB Kusner How much rope does it take to tie a knot?
FMS 21st August 2002 F Morgan & K Brakke Instabilities
FMS 20th August 2002 R Höhler What is the constitutive law of aqueous foam?
FMS 20th August 2002 A Kraynik Elastic-plastic behaviour
FMS 19th August 2002 S Edwards Granular materials need a new statistical mechanics
FMS 19th August 2002 C Petrie Structure tensors \& rheology
FMS 19th August 2002 A Liu Jamming
CMPW01 16th August 2002 M Karpinski Approximating dense instances of MIN-SAT
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